How to Search a Page in Safari on Your iPhone

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Have you ever used Find on your computer to search for a word on a web page? It’s incredibly useful when looking for something specific among a lot of text. Wouldn't it be great to know how to search for a word on a web page on your phone too? While you can't do Command-F or Control-F on your iPhone, there is a way to search a webpage in Safari on the iPhone called Find on Page. You can use Find on Page to search a web page for the information you’re looking for. Here’s how to use Safari search on the iPhone.

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How to Search a Page in Safari on the iPhone

  1. From the Safari page you want to search, tap the Share icon.
  2. Select Find on Page.

  3. Search for the words or phrase you’re trying to locate.
  4. Tap the arrows next to the search bar to navigate to the next or previous place the words you’re searching for appear.
  5. The words will be highlighted yellow where found.

  6. Tap Done to finish searching on a web page in Safari.

Whether you’re looking at the iPhone version of a website or you’ve enabled the Reader View, you can use this tip to find a specific word or phrase. This makes scanning a web page for relevant information so much faster! Did you know that you can also search everything on your iPhone including apps using Spotlight Search?

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