iPhone Life 2016 Earth Day Awards

iPhone Life 2016 Earth Day Awards

Each year in celebration of Earth Day, we present awards recognizing the most earth-friendly mobile tech companies. Following in the carbon footprints of Apple Inc., (perhaps one of the most ecologically conscientious companies on the planet) these three brands have all raised the bar when it comes to making sustainability, recycling, and conservation top priorities.

iPhone Life's 2016 Earth Day Award Winner:

House of Marley

The House of Marley has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most eco-friendly mobile tech brands on the planet. Few companies can compare with the level of commitment the House of Marley has demonstrated year after year when it comes to building an ecologically sustainable business model. 
Built on the principles of superior quality, earth friendliness, diversity, and a strong commitment to charitable causes, House of Marley donates proceeds from its product sales to support efforts that uplift and improve people's lives the world over.

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House of Marley makes excellent hi-fidelity and high-fashion products, manufactured with FSC-certified woods and recycled materials. What's more, its is an extremely popular brand, available in major retail outlets around the country and bolstered by the recognizable Marley moniker. This translates to House of Marley being one of the more profitable eco-friendly and sustainability-oriented companies in the mobile tech gear sector. And since it donates a percentage of its substantial profits to charity and sustainable practices, this in turn translates to the House of Marley being a significant benefactor to the planet and the people who are most in need of assistance on this planet.

As a result of its commitment to sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly business practices, we are pleased to name House of Marley as the winner of the 2016 iPhone Life Earth Day award.

First Runner Up

iPhone Life's 2016 Earth Day Awards-Goal Zero
Goal Zero

As its name implies, Goal Zero is all about leaving zero carbon footprint. The company specializes in making portable, USB-compatible power and charging solutions such as solar panels and battery packs. Its products are rugged and durable, designed to deliver power to your tech accessories, and your life, wherever you may go. Goal Zero also specialize in low-energy draw, LED lighting solutions that are also designed to be rugged and durable and provide lighting and back up USB power in off-grid or extreme circumstances. Theecompany has an extensive catalog of solar chargers, batteries, and camp lights, offering something for every adventurer.

On a larger scale, Goal Zero has made bringing ecologically sound, affordable and sustainable energy solutions to all sorts of impoverished communities across the globe its mission. Goal Zero has helped bring reliable and portable solar power to places in great need and without dependable sources of power, including the Philippines, Ghana, and the Navajo Nation. Goal Zero has also provided assistance for people in crisis situations such as when it donated well over $590,000.00 worth of power and lighting gear to east coast communities in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Second Runner Up

iPhone Life's 2016 Earth Day Awards

Reveal specializes in making Earth-friendly, luxury tech accessories. Reveal uses some of nature's most renewable gifts, such as bamboo and cork to create its stylish iPhone and iPad cases and folios. The company also utilizes fabrics composed of post-consumer plastic bottles, vegan leather, and recycled zippers to craft its line of beautiful and functional tech backpacks and purses. Reveal also manufactures the world's only solar-charging bamboo Bluetooth speaker, in addition to elegant bamboo headphones and earbuds. What's more, Reveal donates a percentage of its profits to organizations such as American Forests, an organization dedicated to reviving damaged ecosystems by planting trees and IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, an organization that focuses on protecting endangered animals.

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