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A study by Harvard Business Review reveals that "time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has ballooned by 50% or more" over the last two decades. The modern workplace requires more communication and teamwork than ever before, yet working from home has suddenly become the norm, leaving managers scrambling to synergize workflows and keep team members on the same page. Fortunately, many companies are already using platforms like Slack, Google Drive, and Skype to facilitate communication and enhance face-to-face meetings, check-ins, and information sharing. Cobbling together various platforms and software, then scaling these tools to serve a fully-remote team has proved more than challenging, though, and leaves much to be desired. Enter is an all-inclusive, desktop and mobile-supported platform that provides everything you need to support multiple departments in every type of project or business. Rather than jumping back and forth between apps and platforms, provides a home base, a central dashboard that tracks the progress of every project and displays your inbox, calendar, and metrics. You can still use the apps and tools you've already adopted, as well! integrates with and automatically imports data from platforms like Slack, Outlook, Zendesk, MailChimp, Zoom, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

You'll be in good company when you join More than 100,000 companies and organizations worldwide, including GE, Adobe, Costco, and Uber use the platform to maintain and expand their brands. Why? makes streamlining your workflow stress free, no matter what field or industry you're in. Start by choosing from a menu of ready-made workspace templates that track data and keep your team working together on schedule. There are templates for every department, process, and project, including eleven specifically designed to help you and your team handle remote work challenges. If you can't find the exact template you require, drag and drop to create your own; no coding required. 

Once you've chosen or built a board, add columns to break work into tasks, assign them to your team, and plan the project on a timeline that includes where departments and deadlines overlap, and the completion status of each component. You can add more than twenty columns per board to track data like dates, budgets, costs, time spent, and much more. 

The boards you create are shareable both inside and outside your organization, even with people who aren't members. This means you'll be able to communicate and share progress with every stakeholder, including outside contractors and clients. Designate Private Boards to allow users to keep confidential data safe and secure. is the organizational powerhouse your company needs. Boost productivity, optimize collaboration, automate routine workflows, eliminate duplicate efforts and excess communication, and help your team function at full capacity without burning out. Get started today!

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