How to Find & Use Photo Sharing Suggestions on the iPhone

Here we’ll take a look at what this feature does, how to create shared albums, and how to share photo albums on your iPhone in the Photos app. We share a lot of moments with friends, and those moments are best captured by photos and memories. Unfortunately, it’s often hard to consolidate all of the photos taken at an event or gathering, especially if many people took pictures, or you tend to forget like I do. Apple has risen to the occasion by adding the Sharing Suggestions feature to the iPhone Photos app.

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What Are Sharing Suggestions in the Photos App?

Sharing Suggestions is Apple's way of doing half of the work for you when it comes to sharing photos with friends or family. It pulls together suggestions for photos that may belong together using things like date, time, place, and familiar faces, and it suggests these groupings to you in the For You tab of your Photos app. If you like learning about Photos app features and other ways your iPhone can make your life easier, you may enjoy our free Tip of the Day newsletter. 

How to Find & Use Photo Sharing Suggestions on the iPhone:

  1. Open your Photos app
  2. Tap For You at the bottom of the screen.

    Open your Photos appTap on the For You icon at the bottom
  3. If you have any Sharing Suggestions, they'll be presented on this next screen. You may have to scroll to find them.
  4. Tap on a collection to see the suggested photos.
  5. Choose all or some of the suggested photos to share by tapping on them.

    Select a suggested collectionChoose which photos to include
  6. Tap Next.
  7. Choose people to share with. If your iPhone recognizes people in the photos, they may already be suggested, but you can add or remove people as you like.
  8. Tap the blue Share in Messages button. You'll see a message that says "Preparing iCloud Link."

    Tap nextConfirm recipients and tap Send in Messages
  9. Add any comments or make any final adjustments to recipients, and tap the Send arrow.

    Include a message if you choose, then hit send

And that's it! Sharing Suggestions is fairly simple, but such a cool feature. 

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