Featured iUser: How Best-selling Author Gretchen Rubin Uses Her iPhone

In every issue of iPhone Life magazine, we feature the iPhone Home screens of two or three people from different walks of life so our readers can see how they use their iPhone apps to meet a variety of needs. In our Summer 2019 issue, we featured best-selling author Gretchen Rubin, who uses her iPhone for managing photos, preserving memories, reading magazines, and transportation. If you have a story and apps you'd like to share, email me and we may feature you in an upcoming issue of the magazine!

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Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen is fascinated by human tendencies and habits, and how they interact to increase or diminish happiness. Rubin’s work includes New York Times bestselling books, an extensive blog, and the award-winning Happier podcast she hosts with her sister Elizabeth Craft, among other ventures. 

Timehop (Free)

Timehop shows you memories from your photos and social media from one, two, or three years ago. I like it because it reminds me, “Oh, this is where I was,”and then I also often forward them to family members who I think would enjoy them. It’s a nice, easy way to stay in touch with very little effort, and it’s really fun. 

1 Second Everyday (Free)

We talked about this app on the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast. So many people told us that they recommended this app. It’s another kind of memory storage bank that pieces together your photos into a video.

Shutterfly (Free)

I take pictures on my iPhone, and I want to make printed books with them. The Shutterfly app offers a handy way to pick the photos I want to make into books; it’s really handy.

Flic (Free)

Flic makes it easier and quicker to delete photos; it’s ever so slightly faster than the Photos app.

Texture (Free)

Texture is a paid magazine reading app. You can read your favorite magazine or just kind of poke around and see what you feel interested in. (Note: Apple replaced Texture with its new magazine subscription service Apple News Plus in May 2019. Texture subscribers were able to switch their subscription to Apple News Plus.)

Curb, Arrow (Free) 

I use Curb and Arrow, which are cab-hailing apps that let you pay with your phone. I have one account with my business card and one with my personal credit card. That way I don’t have to switch payment methods within the app, which is really helpful.

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