Game Centered: ReplayKit Live Brings the Promise of Live Streaming Your Favorite iOS Games

Although ReplayKit got scarcely more than a passing mention by Eddy Cue at the 2016 WWDC Keynote on June 13, it's one of the up-and-coming features of iOS 10 that I, and many other gamers, are most excited about.

Streaming video games and sharing video game gameplay footage is huge. Not only is there a massive market out there of people eager to tune in and watch this footage, as evidenced by the rise and phenomenal popularity of video game streaming platforms like Twitch, MobCrush, and YouTube gaming, but it's also one of the most profitable sectors of the modern eSports landscape. And yes, if you didn't know, eSports are actually considered a legitimate sport these days. In fact, they have become one of the most lucrative branches of modern sports and something that people are lining up and filling stadiums around the globe to spectate. But it's not just stadiums and sporting arenas that are witnessing the massive popularity of eSports. Thanks to modern technology, streaming eSport tournaments has become a hugely successful business in and of itself, though until now, the ability to stream your gameplay and share it directly from your device, to the web, has remained the exclusive ability of desktops and laptops, and more recently, Android devices. Yes, you can technically live stream game content from your iPad or iPhone (if used in conjunction with a Mac or a PC), but it hasn't been a simple, straightforward, or intuitive process at all, until now.

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With ReplayKit you can record and edit your gameplay and even film and record yourself as a picture-in-picture window within the gameplay screen. ReplayKit in and of itself is not new, its API was introduced at last year's WWDC 2015, but the new ReplayKit LIVE takes things to a whole new level, with its introduction of live-streaming capability, and its public release is huge news.

Game Centered Special WWDC Update: ReplayKit Live Brings the Promise of Live-Streaming Your Favorite iOS Games.

Existing companies, like mobile game streaming platform, Mobcrush, have been patiently waiting for this and are ready to pounce on all of the new features that ReplayKit puts at their disposal. In fact, Mobcrush was on hand to demo the ReplayKit Live functionality on the WWDC show floor.

Now with just a push of a button from within your favorite game, you can activate live-streaming and share your gameplay with the world on one of the most popular mobile streaming platforms around, and if Mobcrush is doing it, you can be sure other popular streaming platforms won't be far behind.

Stay tuned to iPhone Life as I'll be sure to keep you updated on all of the news pertaining to ReplayKit and its imminent release. One thing for sure, ReplayKit Live promises to change the landscape of modern eSports making mobile broadcasting easier than playing the game itself!

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