6 Glorious Cases for Any iPhone Model

There are plenty of people using iPhones that are multiple generations old. One reason is price; another reason is the device still works great, and unlike Android, you get all the latest software updates regardless. With that in mind, I wrote this post to include iPhone cases which would suit an iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone SE (sorry iPhone 4). Websites such as Etsy and Caseify do a great job of carrying the same patterns and designs in various iPhone models. So, whether you have an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 6s, here’s six glorious iPhone cases for any model of iPhone.

Portrait of Adele, Gustav Klimt iPhone Case ($10.99)

I have a print of one of Gustav Klimt’s paintings above my bed; his work never ceases to inspire me. This particular case is the Portrait of Adele, but the same Etsy retailer has more famous works plus some with a twist such as Starry Night with the Phone Booth from Doctor Who. It’s also made of eco-friendly plastic.


Mountain iPhone Case Clear ($14.99)

Something I’ve been seeing a lot more of is clear iPhone cases with a graphic. I really love this idea because it adds personality to your iPhone without fully covering up the natural beauty of a naked iPhone. This case is a great example of that with the mountains on the back and the ‘sky’ peaking through to the iPhone. This Etsy shop also has further variations with the clear design.


Clear From the Garden ($40)

Here’s another clear design that pulls off the idea really well. This case comes, instead, from Casetify. Clear from the Garden is just that: a full, clear back design with watercolor flower and garden print. Depending on which iPhone model you have, you can also get the case in multiple different forms such as classic snap or new standard. If you don’t care about it being clear, there’s also a wood option that looks super awesome.


Sleepless Nights ($24.14)

For the coffee lover, this is the perfect case. It’s a simple case with the cup of coffee on the back. Except the coffee the cup is holding what looks like a NASA nebula picture, which is fitting since coffee is basically heaven in a mug. This one comes from Redbubble which uses independent artwork to make awesome gear of all kinds.


The Flying Kitten ($40)

I don’t think this case could get any more adorable if it tried. Two cats look up as a black kitten falls from the sky, clutching the Apple logo in mid-air. The clear back is what makes this case; it’s too cute to describe. Casetify cases also offer awesome drop protection, so if you’re flying kitten actually flies by accident, your phone will (within reason) be alright.


Sun ($29)

I try to use the word epic sparingly; for me to call something epic, it really should be awesome, amazing, and incredible combined into one. Well, I dare say this iPhone case is epic! Look at the sun in her hands! And is that a river of lava running up the edge of the case? My first thought was she was firebending (Avatar: The Last Airbender anyone?) but holding the sun in your hands is pretty freaking cool too.


I could honestly make this list five times as long and still have more gorgeous iPhone cases to feature. For more amazing designs, I recommend searching Etsy or browsing sites like Casetify and Redbubble.

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