Tough New iPhone Cases Available from Pelican!

We had a few minutes to preview the latest Pelican cases at CES this year, but really only a glance. We wanted to make sure we circled back and provided full reviews now that Pelican was able to send out some samples. We recently received both a Pro Gear Protector (starts at $29.99) and Voyager (starts at $37.49) series case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and we can confirm that these new cases provide the serious protection you want if you are dragging your device around with you everywhere. They also come with a lifetime guarantee!

The Protector series offers affordable MIL-SPEC tested coverage for your iPhone that actually looks great. I have often relied on the superb hardened transit case products that Pelican sells, and can attest that the products have superior materials and construction. The mobile cases feel like sturdy miniaturized versions of the larger products.

The Protector series is made of a simple TPU tough shell with grip-friendly sides. External buttons for volume controls and screen control seem a little stiff, but serve their purpose. The case provides good protection to front, sides, and corners with extra material around the edges, and the two-tone matte finish looks good from front or back. The back features an opening for the rear camera sensor/flash and appropriate openings for ports and speakers along the unit bottom. While testing the Protector, I received more than a few idle compliments about the case from friends and family.

The Voyager is a combination case with holster that has a harder shell made of polycarbonate over the same tough interior materials used in the Protector case. This adds up to four distinct layers of protection (when counting the included screen protection and holster, I suppose). Similar button nubs serve on the outside to provide volume and sleep/wake, but all ports along the bottom get fully protected with rubberized cover sections that snug into place. Ensconced in the holster, the whole thing looks a little on the geeked out side, but yeah, some people still cultivate that look these days, so I’m not knocking the holster. Me, I still shove my iPhone in a pocket, but I don’t drag around a 6 Plus every day.


  • Both cases incorporate tough materials
  • Both cases look great


  • As with many heavier gauge cases, neither are very accessory friendly

The Final Verdict

Both the Voyager and Protector cases are of top-notch grade and get our stamp of approval. I would say Voyager is a good case for the more paranoid user wishing to purchase a complete protection package, while Protector is a fine fit for those wanting just a solid case (or are maybe not as much of a hazard to their phones). They are both marked with sturdy construction and attractive design and so we recommend you grab either one at your earliest convenience!

iPhoneLife Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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