Review: Punfound Word Game App

Would it be corny to say that a game about puns is punny? 

Punfound (f re e) is a new word game app, and it's pretty dang punny (yeah, I went there).

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The gameplay is simple. Answer questions in pun form and cringe if you happen to miss one. I missed "arm chair"...really? So obvious!

Go through the ranks from Pun Newbie to Pun King, but try not to use all of your hints at once! They only way to replenish them is to leave a review (+10 hints) or buy them with in-app purchases. You can use hints to remove a letter (-2 hints), reveal a letter (-3 hints) or solve the pun (-15 hints).

The game is great for those who love Dad jokes or who want to expand their pun vocabulary.

There are a couple of things that could be improved. Some are very very easy, like the "hippo-critical" one to the left. On the next level, there could be a really tough one. It doesn't seem as if they are in order of intensity, but just a way to level up if you complete a certain number. Or maybe I'm just bad at puns!

The ability to challenge your friends would also be great. Maybe I've just been playing too much Trivia Crack, but the option to out-pun your friends would be pretty perfect. 

You can also share your completed puns on the social network of your choice, or ask for help from social networks as well. Celebrity puns are also available as an in-app purchase.

So download Punfound to see how good you are at having a dry sense of humor.

Need a pun to hold you over? Never trust an atom. They make up everything.


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