Evernote Scannable: A New Vista for Mobile Scanning

For many of us who rely upon smartphones as part of our work flow, chance are we’ve used a scanning app or two. We might even have broken down and gotten one simply for scanning barcodes when we’re out shopping. But a fairly new development from Evernote looks to change the field dramatically. That development comes in the form of Scannable, their iOS app that’s now available in the App Store.

Evernote Scannable (Free)

Scannable is available for both the iPhone and the iPad. To use it, all you have to do is open the app, then aim your device at the document to capture it. That’s all. From there, Scannable will not only capture the document but apply any necessary sharpening of text that’s needed. This effect even applies with documents that have multiple pages. The scanned document can then be sent to a multitude of sources that not only include Evernote and your Camera Roll but also to various cloud storage platforms including Dropbox and other sites like LinkedIn. The LinkedIn feature works best with scanned business cards, where it automatically links as an associated image with that person or company on the networking site. Another feature that Scannable possesses is that of remote controller for physical printing.


This takes place mainly with the ScanSnap Evernote Edition Printer made by Fujitsu. No USB cables are needed here as all data can be sent to the printer from your device using Wi-Fi. Scannable has made an impact on the field of mobile scanning apps even in its limited release. And you don’t even need an Evernote account to use it, although not having one means losing out on features such as clarified text recognition. There're also hints of further updates within the app itself that could possibly focus on data from an accounting standpoint. Scannable is a bold step forward for the field and could lead to even bolder ones if Evernote expands its already impressive features in further updates.

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