4 Best Portable Chargers from CES 2014

There was no shortage of portable iPhone chargers at CES. It seems everyone has something to offer these days, but there were definitely some trends to be noticed. Shake to start options, built-in Lightning cables, color options, and rugged battery packs round out this list of CES 2014 portable charger trends.

6000mAh Anker 2nd Gen Astro ($29.99)

The Anker 2nd generation Astro 6000mAh charger is small and light. Anker created a Smart Port that can detect which device you're charging to be sure to charge it at full speed, up to 2A. The power button usually found on the exterior of portable chargers is gone on this device, replaced with a "shake to start" feature. Giving the charger a gentle shake will start your power and illuminate the power indicator so you can see how much power is left.

Anker Portable External Battery


5,200mAh Energi 5K+ ($89.99)

The Energi line from Tylt is proving to be an awesome on-the-go charger for me. I've been carrying around my Energi 5K+ charger since CES and love that it's light, thin, and comes with a built-in lightning cable. You read that right—it was one of the first to incorporate a lightning cable in its design, saving me from always having to carry a long cable in addition to a portable charger. The Energi 5K+ easily fits in my hand along with my iPhone so I can carry them together and charge instead of worrying about stashing a charger in my purse and having a cable connecting me to it as I charge. The Energi 5K+ also has a micro-USB cable attached and a USB for the other devices in your life. The two included cables fit nicely in the Energi5K+, making it as attractive as it is useful. I'm looking forward to more brands including cables in their chargers, as it's a welcome trend!

TYLT Energi5K+ External Battery



4000mAh Power Tube ($69.95)

The MiPow line of ultra-portable Power Tube chargers comes in ten colors. There's no shortage of personalization there! Charge them using the built-in USB connector, use a cable with the built-in female USB port, or use the lightning connector to quickly charge on the go. The battery life can be seen by looking at the color light on the outside of the tube. Red means 15%, orange means 15–40%, green is 40–70% and blue means you're all set with more than 70% battery life left.

MiPow Colors Power Tube


3000mAh The Amp 3000XT ($39.99)

MyCharge is one of several manufacturers creating portable chargers for the rugged world. The Amp 3000XT is drop, dirt, and splash proof and can be quickly and easily charged without using a mini-USB cable (my favorite part). You'll be charging The Amp 3000XT using your wall outlet and can use one of two USB ports to charge all of your devices. 

MyCharge The Amp 3000XT


I don't know about you, but my life would change without portable battery chargers. I love that there is one out there for everyone, no matter what your needs.

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