Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens

As our kids get older, their wish lists seem to get smaller and more expensive. No more asking for Barbie dolls and Matchbox cars—we're on to iPads, iPhones, and Bluetooth accessories.

Throughout the year I've kepy my eyes on the hottest products for tweens and teens, and I'm sharing them today with the hope that they'll make for some great big gifts and even a few small ones. If you have anything to add to the list, I'd love for you to tweet your ideas to me!  


Amzer CRUSTA Rugged Case ($45) Kids and expensive devices don't always play well together, which is why protective cases are so important. The CRUSTA case is engineered with a four-stage protective design made of a tempered glass screen protector, a tempered glass hardshell case (with a clear back), a textured thermoplastic rubber outer layer, and a removable belt clip holster. Available for iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, and iPads 1, 2, and 3 in 42 different color combinations. 

Crusta iPhone Case


Cellairis Bespoke VonAura Diary Case ($34.99) Looking for a beautiful and protective case for your tween or teen daughter? Cellairis has several cases to offer. Diary cases, crystal cases, and floral prints are all offered for iPhones 5, 5s, 5C, 6, and 6 Plus. This VonAura Diary case is offered in four colors. 

Cellairis Diary Case


Speck DuraFolio for iPad (from $49.95) This slim and protective iPad case can easily be bent for multiple angles for reading and typing. We love this case for how thin it is (0.3") and how durable it feels. The cover closes magnetically, which makes it safer while inside og bags and backpacks. Available in 5 colors for the iPad Air and Air 2, and all iPad mini models.  

Speck iPad Case


Proporta Bumper Cases ($19.95) So your teen refuses to use a protective case? It's an everyday battle? Compromise with a bumper case from Porporta. It'll keep the screen and back of the phone off of surfaces and protect against corner drops. Made from polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, the bumper is offered in black and white for the iPhone 6. 

Proporta iPhone Bumper


SkinIt iPhone Cases (from $19.99 for iPhone 5/5s, $24.99 for iPhone 6, $34.99 for iPhone 6 Plus) SkinIt just unveiled their partnership with Marvel, with images of your kids' favorite superheroes now available on skins and cases. Skinit also offers custom cases and skins and these other categories: Hello Kitty, Star Wars, many college and professional sports teams, military branches, and many more. A range of cases are offered, from super light and slim to dual-layered and protective. What I love most about my case is that the design doesn't fade like many other brands do! 

SkinIt Marvel


Portable Chargers

Powerskin PoP'n ($54.99 for iPhone 4/4S, $59.99 for iPhone 5s, $69.99 for iPhone 6/6 Plus) This lightweight portable battery charger sticks to the back of your phone for very easy carrying. I have the iPhone 6 model and it charges my phone 1.5 times from 10%. I love how portable this device is, and it's not heavy! You'll need to use a slim case when using the PoP'n to allow it to fit. Available in several colors for each size. 

PoP'n Portable Battery Charger


Ventev Powercell 6000+ ($74.99) My 14 year-old son is always telling me how much he loves the previous version of this charger—it's by far his favorite. And now it's been updated! The Powercell 6000+ plugs into the wall for nightly phone charging, but you can unplug it and take it with you to use the stored power and charge your phone tow to three more times during the day. Includes 1A and 2.1A charging ports, and can charge two devices at the same time.

Ventev Powercell 6000+


offGRID Portable Battery Charger by Incipio ($49.99) This 4000mAh battery is compact and easy to travel with. The kids will love the bright colors available (blue, teal, gray, pink, red, and yellow) and the storage for the included micro-USB cable (that's what you'll charge the battery charger with). Truly, there's no reason to ever hear, "my phone died" again! 

offGRID Charger by Incipio



SMS on-ear STREET ($179.95) and SYNC ($229.95) headphones are very durable and not too bulky. These are headphones that your tween or teen can toss into a duffel bag without worry of them breaking. The sound is stellar, and I love that they come in so many colors and styles—perfect for making your child happy on Christmas morning. The wired STREET pair come with a thick tangle-free cord and the wireless SYNC headphones come with on-board controls.  

SMS headphones

If you're not looking at headphones as your "big gift," and want to consider a less expensive pair, Siva rounded up his Top 20 Headphones of 2014 a couple of weeks ago. 



Recoil Winders (starting at $9.99) If you're like me, the cords drive you crazy. You know which ones I'm talking about. Charging cords, headphone cords, syncing cords—they're always a mess. Recoil Winders are a way to store the cords and have them easily accessible for when you need them. You can purchase single winders or multi-packs that come with racks to store them on. Available in several colors. 

Recoil Winders

Wifi Accessories

Netgear AC750 Wifi Range Extender ($89.99)

If your home is like mine, your router is somewhere near your main computer and the bedrooms in the house lack a strong Wi-Fi connection. Normally it's not a huge deal, but these days when you need Wi-Fi for just about anything (homework on a laptop, watching a smart TV, gaming with friends) that weak internet connection can be a pain. While a Wi-Fi extender may not be a glamorous holiday gift, it's one that could make your teen's devices run much faster and in return make them much happier.  Netgear Wifi Range Extender


Prepaid AT&T Unite Hotspot by Netgear ($99.99 for device, no annual contract, ~$25 for 5GB data)

Is your child a data hog? This prepaid hotspot will allow you peace of mind with regard to your cell phone bill. You don't need to have AT&T cell service to take advantage of this awesome gift from AT&T and Netgear. Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices to the secure connection via AT&T's 4G LTE network. The touchscreen hotspot device stays charged for up to 10 hours and will likely outlast your tween or teen on their busiest of days. 

AT&T Unite Prepaid Hotspot

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