Play n Wish Merry Xmas Review

The Play 'n' Wish Merry X-Mas app has four mini games along with the option to send your friends and family a fun Christmas e-mail right from the app.  The four games offer a challenging range of fun using several different types of controls.

The first mini-game, catch it, has you controlling a shopping cart by tipping your iPhone or iPad left and right.  The accelerometer  checks how much you have tilted the device and responds accordingly.  In the game there are four chimneys where presents drop down and you need to navigate the shopping cart to catch the gifts.  If you miss three gifts, you lose.  While the game sounds simple enough, the fact that the presents drop quite rapidly made it nearly impossible to score more than about 1000 points and half of that was sheer luck. 

play n wish merry xmas iPhone app review

The next mini-game, Shoot It, has you aiming a gun at balloons which are carrying presents away.   To control the cross hairs of your gun you simply move the phone around, and hit the fire button to shoot the balloon.  Like the other games, three balloons escape and you lose.  With quick fingers and regular reloading you'll this game to be quite fun and challenging. 

The third mini-game, Throw It, has you controlling a present shooting tank.  You first select the angle by stopping a meter in the right spot.  Then you do the same with the power.  The tank shoots out the present which you need to land in Santa's sleigh. If you make it in, a new sleigh arrives in another location, if you miss three times you lose.  This game is fun for a few minutes but got quite repetitive after a while.

The final mini-game, Drop It, has Santa pushing presents off a ledge into the icey water.  You need to hit a small hut to send a boat out to catch the presents.  This game was far to easy and on just my second time playing it I was able to keep going until I got bored.  This mini-game would be better if the presents came off at a more random speed and fell at a different rate. 

play n wish merry christmas for iPhone

In addition to those mini-games you can send your friends or family a cute, pre-created, e-card with various gifts pictured on them.  From a new bike to a diamond ring and many other things as well you can use it to tell people what you want for Christmas or to pretend that's what your getting them.  This was a fun little add on to the app even though every email you send will include the Play N Wish Merry Xmas app's name and logo so it serves them with some free ads as well.

Overall the app was somewhat enjoyable for a while but quickly got old.  Your kids might enjoy it for a little longer though even children will likely get bored before to long.  The drop it mini-game is entirely to difficult and the others are a little too easy.  If you're looking for a quick Christmas themed app which will provide a few hours of fun, this is great.  If you're looking for a challenging game that you can play for weeks, this just isn't it. 

Wish you all a merry Christmas :-)

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