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With the large success of mob boss games found on the market; many developers are tapping into its popularity to create the newest one.  This includes Big Gun; a mafia style game that offers deadly missions, amazing parties, loud music, and the opportunity to run an entire criminal gang.  Of course; you are not automatically the boss when you first begin.  As with any mob game; you have to work up to being the head honcho and this particular game will have you working hard. 

When you initially log in; it will ask you to create an account.  However, you do have the opportunity to try out the game first; but your information will not be saved.  In other words, create the account and get it over with.  Part of the set up includes choosing a character.  You can choose male or female as well as the character itself.  By swiping the circle; you can also change the hair style, color, and body jewelry.  Once you do; the game will lead you in the right direction. 

Big Gun iPhone app review

In the very beginning; you will initiate a tutorial that allows you to jump a few levels and add some cash into your account.  This tutorial takes you through the concept of the game.  You can access missions by clicking on the “Task” button located at the top.  Once you accept a mission; the “Next Task” clock will start and you won't be able to access a new one until the time is up.  The initial mission will send you on a trip and you can access the location by clicking on the map icon shaped like a balloon. 

This is where you'll be sent to all the locations within the vicinity.  Sometimes the mission requires a plane ride across the world.  Luckily; the trip only takes a few minutes and you'll be able to start your crime.  During the tutorial; the game will highlight the items to click on to access your missions making it very easy to learn how to play. 

Every mission requires something different.  You may have to hot wire and steal a vehicle to continue through the game or even fight a major mob boss.  Regardless; it is very possible to fail, but the game will allow you to try again without any penalty.  Eventually, with every mission that is completed; you will see your inventory of stolen cars and weaponry increase.  This also includes the cash in your account that can be used to purchase more items and weapons to win battles.

Big Gun game review

Part of the game includes finding and making friends, fighting with enemies, and persuading other criminals to join your gang.  You can even access personal messages from other players by clicking on the flashing envelope in the upper right hand corner. 

To keep track of your success; you can click on your character located in the upper left corner to see statistics.  This includes your location, money, level, power, speed, and connection during fights.  Actually, to fight a person; you can swipe the screen and watch the effect by reading the storyline that will appear on the left hand side.  This explains the damage that you've caused along with any injuries that were caused by your opponent.  By the end; you'll be aware of who actually won the fight. 

The difficulty and amount of missions will increase as you continue moving through levels.  The goal is to become the major mob boss and one of the most deadliest people in the world; per the game.  It's the newest form of mafia style games on the market and worth the play.  Besides; the game will never end.  You can only become the best, beat out all of the rest, and run the world into submission with your deadly gang.  Don't miss out on the entertainment that Big Guns provides!  

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