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Welcome to the Vendor Network Dashboard. All of the tools you need to manage your Vendor Network account are found on this page. Many of the features require a Vendor Plus Membership. To upgrade to a Vendor Plus membership for free click the upgrade link.

To find out how Vendor Network gets you free publicity go to our Vendor Network Benefits page.

For other questions read the Vendor Network FAQs or email raphael@iphonelife.comfor troubleshooting.

global $user;

$username = $user->name;
$uid = $user->uid;

$premium = false;
if(in_array('linking vendor', $user->roles)) {
$premium = true;

if(in_array('non-verified', $user->roles)) {
echo "Your account has not yet been verified. Please click on the confirmation link in the verification email sent to you. If you did not receive this email, click here to double check your email address and resend the email verification message.";


Status: Upgrade to Vendor Plus now - FREE'; ?>

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