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How to Contribute to iPhone Life magazine

and Blog at iPhoneLife.com

Our philosophy is that the most useful and interesting content comes from iOS users who want to share their knowledge with fellow users. That means our job at iPhone Life and iPhoneLife.com is to solicit great content, work with the author, and publish the result.

Since the launch of iPhone Life in the Fall of 2008, we have been fortunate to attract a wonderful team of magazine contributors and bloggers. Authors have included doctors, lawyers, students, a Rabbi, IT professionals, consultants, CEOs, a mayor, app developers, iPhone webmasters, professors, retirees, sales professionals, and more. The simple criteria for selecting print and online contibutions is that the material helps others get more out of their device.


Contribute to the magazine

If you wish to submit an article, product review, or profile to an issue of iPhone Life, please first read our Writers' Guidelines, then fill out our Write For Us form.


Join the iPhone Life Blog Team

If you have a lot to share about your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then consider joining our blog team. Bloggers can post app or accessory reviews, tech news, opinion posts, how-to articles — anything of interest to iOS users.

Bloggers should plan on making quality posts at least twice a month, though ideally more often. Bloggers represent the magazine, which means blogs must be well-written, topical, and mature. Bloggers can develop their own style or point of view, and even criticize if appropriate. Bloggers are iOS enthusiasts writing for iOS enthusiasts.

If you want to write or be a regular blogger, please fill out our Write For Us form.

For more information about blogging, please read our writers guidlines: Writers' Guidelines.


Be a Guest Blogger

Another great option is our guest blogger program for iPhone Life. Guest bloggers write a single blog post on their area of interest or expertise. This is a great option for those who are not able to commit to blogging regularly for us, or for those who are passionate about a specific subject.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger for iPhone Life, please fill out our Write For Us form.