How do I open/ browse multiple web pages?

IBrowse through many pages in Safari usually keep multiple Web pages open on my desktop computer's Web browser, and I'm constantly switching between them. I do the same thing on my iOS device. Here's how I open and switch between them.

Open multiple Web pages

  1. Open Safari and navigate to a Web page.

  2. To open a second and subsequent Web pages tap on the Pages icon. It looks like two blank pages, one top of the other. On the iPhone/iPod touch the Pages icon is located in the bottom right corner of the screen; on the iPad, in the top left.

  3. On the iPhone/iPod touch, the current Web page shrinks and a New Page button appears in the lower left corner. Tap on the New Page button.

  4. On the iPad, the current page shrinks to thumbnail size and a dark New Page thumbnail appears next to it. Tap on the New Page thumbnail.

  5. A blank "Untitled" Web page appears. Enter a Web address or use your bookmarks to open a new page.

  6. Repeat the process to open more Web pages.

Note that you can also create multiple pages when you open an embedded link. Simply press down on the link until the pop-up appears, and then select Open in New Page from the menu.

Browse through many pages through your device's Safari app.

Switch between Web pages:

  1. Close open pages in Safari Tap on the Pages icon to display thumbnails of all the Web pages you have open. Note that number superimposed on the Pages icon tells you how many Web pages you have open.

  2. On the iPhone/iPod touch, use your finger to scroll left and right to find the page you want to switch to.

  3. On the iPad, open pages are displayed as thumbnails on a single screen.

  4. Tap on the desired page to switch to it.

  5. Tap on the circled X icon in the upper left corner of the thumbnail to close the page completely.

May-June 2011
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