Dark Mode Is Coming to iPhone & iPad; Here's What to Expect

Apple fans welcomed the announcement of Dark Mode for iPhone and iPad at the WWDC 2019 keynote, as it will be system wide with this fall's iOS 13 update and iPadOS release. Last year, macOS Mojave included Dark Mode, making Mac users happy and mobile users asking when the feature was coming to iPhone and iPad. Dark Mode will be available onthe iPhone 6s and later (iPhone SE is included). Here's how Dark Mode works and a few reasons why you would want to use it or not.

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What Is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode mostly refers to the color scheme, sometimes referred to as light-on-dark, that typically has white text on black background. With iOS 13 and iPadOS, Dark Mode will be available on all of Apple's native apps. It will also be an option for third-party app developers to incorporate into their apps; so by the time the update is publicly released in the fall, more apps you already use could have Dark Mode as an option. Even now, some third-party apps have a Dark Mode that can be enabled within the app's own settings, but having a uniform Dark Mode display across apps will be nice. 

Save Battery Power & More

For iPhones with an OLED screen, using Dark Mode could preserve battery life. When a pixel on the OLED screen is completely black, that pixel is off and not using battery to be on. Currently X, XS, and XS Max are the only available iPhones with OLED screens and no iPads have an OLED screen, but it's anticipated the upcoming fall announcement will unveil new iPhones and maybe an iPad Pro with OLED screens.

You might also notice less eye strain if you use Dark Mode, as long as you're not in a completely dimmed room. The reduced white space means less light is shining from your screen, however if you switch from browsing an app with Dark Mode enabled to a third party app that doesn't, the contrast can be jarring. Dark Mode can also make images and text harder to see for people with certain color blindness or deficiency. 

How to Enable Dark Mode in iOS 13

After iOS 13 and iPadOS are publicly released in the fall, Dark Mode can be enabled with a tap from your device's Control Center. You'll also be able to schedule Night Mode to turn on at a specific time, or automatically at sunset. Dark Mode has been an option on many platforms for a while now, and we're guessing Apple is finally making it a widespread feature due to popular demand. So whether you're excited for Dark Mode because of it's battery-saving potential, or just prefer a darker color palette, just know that it'll be here sooner rather than later.

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