Top 10 New iOS 11 Features You'll Love

Now that the new iOS 11 Beta has been available to the public for a bit, we've had a chance to test drive a lot of the new iOS features coming with the new iOS 11. Here are our ten favorite new iOS 11 features that we think you'll love when the shipping version of the next iOS update is released in the fall. We'll cover everything from Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay, iPad Drag and Drop, Live Photo editing, and more! If you can't wait that long for the newest iOS update, check out our article on how to update to iOS 11 beta.

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Master your iPhone in one minute a day:

Sign up to iPhone Life's Tip of the Day Newsletter and we'll send you a tip each day to save time and get the most out of your iPhone or iPad.

What's New in iOS:

1. Customizable Control Center

The new iOS 11 Control Center is finally customizable! Users can choose which functions to include and what order they appear in the new expanced Control Center from Low Power Mode to Wallet. All of this customization can be accomplished in the new Control Center settings in the the Settings app under Customize Controls.

2. New Live Photo Features

Most iPhone users have had the experience of taking an awesome Live Photo only to discover that the still photo version is decidedly not awesome. Now in iOS 11, users can choose their favorite frame to appear as the still version. And users will no longer to use a third-party app to turn those Live Photos into GIFs; the iOS 11 Photos app allows users to loop the live action or reverse it with a feature called bounce. Live photos can now also be trimmed.

3. Apple Music Social Features

While still not as functional as Spotify's social features, Apple Music's new iOS 11 social features are a big deal for those invested in the Apple ecosystem. In the lastest version of iOS, Apple Music subscribers can finally create a social profile and connect and share music with other Apple Music subscribers.

4. New, Easier to Read Font

It may seem strange to include the new iOS 11 font in a list of our favorite new iOS features. But the new font is bigger and bolder and much easier to read. This makes every single iPhone app and feature easier to use in iOS 11.

5. Apple Maps Helps You Stay In Your Lane

Apple Maps now has interactive multi-lane guidance that lets users know which lane they need to be in before they get to an intersection or exit. Additionally, Maps can tell users the speed limit on a particular stretch of road so they don't need to wonder if there are no signs posted. 

6. Sign and Scan on iPad

Users have long been able to scan and sign documents on their iPhone or iPad. But now, the new scan and sign feature in iOS 11 takes this functionality to a whole new level on the iPad Pro. The iPad will even reorient the image or document and signing and otherwise marking up the document has never been easier.  

7. Files App with 3rd-Party Access

Like iCloud Drive, the new Files app will help you organize and access files across all your devices. But unlike iCloud, Files will allow users to access third-party apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive, local files, and cross-platform cloud storage in one easy-to-access app. A whole new world of functionality just opened up for those who want to be able to work and access important document from an iPad or iPhone.

8. Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay

Venmo and other apps that allow peer-to-peer payments are becoming increasingly popular and Apple has finally taken notice. iOS 11 will allow users to make and request payments directly through Messages app. All transactions will need to be confirmed with Touch ID, making the whole process extra secure.

9. Deleting Messages Only Once

Before this newest iOS update, deleting an iMessage required deleting it individually on each and every iOS device a user texted from. In the new iOS 11 update, Messages will now be synce across all of a user's iOS devices. It's a small but significant change, and we love it!

10. Drag and Drop on iPad

The coolest new iOS 11 feature may be the ability to drag and drop items on the iPad. Images and files can be dragged from one app and dropped into another using Slive Over and Split View. Users can even drag and drop with two hands making this new iOS 11 feature a monumental leap in functionality. Read Tamlin Day's article to learn more about all the awesome new iOS 11 features on iPad

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