How to Send an Email Attachment from the Mail App on an iPhone

Here's how to attach and email a photo or video through email from your iPhone or iPad.

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Want to know how to send a picture or video through email? How about a PDF, document, or marked-up attachment? You can add all types of attachments to emails in Apple's Mail app on your iPhone. 

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We've already helped users learn how to send a photo in a text message, how to edit and share video memories, and how to send a video in a text message. For more great tutorials about how to share pictures, videos, documents, and files, check out our free Tip of the Day. Now, let's learn how to send email attachments from the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Mail app.

    Open Mail app
  2. Tap the compose icon in the bottom-right corner to start a new email.

    Tap Compose icon
  3. Fill in your To, Cc/Bcc, and Subject fields as needed, then tap the body of the email.

    Fill in To, CC/BCC, and Subject Line fields
  4. Tap the arrow icon in the menu bar above the keyboard.

    Tap the arrow in the menu bar above the keyboard
  5. You'll see a new row of email attachment and editing icons above the keyboard.

    You'll see a row of email attachment icons
  6. Tap the AA icon to change fonts and formatting.

    Tap the AA icon to edit font
  7. Tap the photos icon to choose photos or videos to attach to your email.

    Tap the Photos icon to add a photo from your Photos library
  8. Tap the photo or video you want to attach to your email. 

    Choose a photo attachment for the email
  9. Tap the camera icon to take a new photo or video to attach to your email.

    Tap the camera icon to take a new photo
  10. Tap Use Photo or Use Video to attach it to your email or Retake to try again.

    Retake or choose photo to attach to email
  11. Tap the document icon to attach items from your iCloud drive.

    Tap the document icon to attach a document from iCloud to email
  12. Tap the scan icon to scan a document, then position the document in view and tap the shutter button.

    Tap the scan icon to attach a scan to email
  13. Tap Retake or Keep Scan, then tap Save to attach the scan to your email.

    retake or keep scan
  14. Tap the thumbnail of the scan to crop, apply a filter, rotate the image, or delete the scan.  

    edit scan on iphone
  15. Tap the Markup icon to use Markup to write or draw on photos, videos, or PDFs to attach to your email.

    Tap the Markup icon to mark up an email attachment
  16. Tap Done when finished.

    add markup to email
  17. Now, send your email by tapping the send icon.

    Send email with attachments

And that's it! There are many options to choose from when adding an attachment ot an email in the Mail app, so you can fully customize what you send. Next, learn how to set up a reminder to send an email or to schedule an email to be sent at a later time.

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