Take My Money: Best Discount Shopping Apps for iPhone, Plus One to Avoid

Everyone loves to shop online, am I right? Using these online shopping apps is a cool way to quickly pass time and get ideas for places to go, things to wear, things to do, and people to see. I love shopping. I love exploring. Even more than that…I love discounts. Shopping apps for specific stores make browsing easier than looking at a mobile version of a website on your phone. Why use multiple shopping apps when you can have it all in one area to focus your attention? What if you had one big mall, that showed you all the trending things nearby, or suggestions based off of things you already picked out and love? Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Well, I’ve reviewed three discount shopping apps that you may (definitely!) want to check out.


 Groupon (Free)

The Groupon mobile is the best coupon app no matter who you are. If you’re looking for something cool to do, a place to eat, travel, or even just for goods at a discounted rate, Groupon is for you. There are so many options to choose from in an array of categories, it’s really neat. It also lets you put in your zip code allowing it to tailor specific things to your location, such as where to go, to eat, or things to do. Overall, Groupon's free app has pretty good deals if you aren’t sure what you’d like to do for the day, or just want to find local deals.

Wanelo Shopping (Free)

Wanelo is a super addictive discount shopping app that is for fashion savvy teens, along with young men and women who like to keep up on trends. They allow you to sign in with an email or a Facebook account to get started quickly. Once signed in, it allows you to discover, browse, and buy lots of in-style trends safely from real stores. Wanelo allows for you to save and purchase these desired items at up to a 30 percent discounted rate. They even have a Discover More tab, which, is basically a Tinder for jewelry, accessories, shoes, and cute clothing. Swipe right to save, swipe left to skip.

Geek (Free)

Geek is a discount shopping app for tech-savvy people who like cameras, watches, drones, and other tech toys. You can create an account or sign in through Facebook. Items are typically 50–80 percent off. At first glance this app looks great—you won’t believe your eyes at the prices. However, the app is based out of China, which tells us the products were not necesarily made by the rpomised manufacturer. People who downloaded this app seemed split in their feelings about it. Some thought it was worth it to save money with less than quality items, while others believed the items were too low in quality, and many seemed to have experienced poor customer service.

From all the above apps, in my opinion, Groupon and Wanelo are the way to go. Which one you’ll want to use depends on what you’re looking for. Groupon gives you great options of things to do for the day, travel ideas, and some retail items as well. I love how easily you can find something interesting without really looking for anything. Geek seemed awesome at first however its shine quickly dulled. And Wanelo sticks to the trendy and fashionable. To get the best deals, online shopping is definitely the way to go. Discount shopping apps only makes this easier.

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