Rumor: Updated iPod May Be Coming

The iPod hasn't been updated since 2013; and historically Apple has axed products that are past their prime, even if they're still making a profit. That was the Steve Jobs way. But now rumors are about that Apple may actually be updating the iPod line, but only with new colors. It appears that the form factor will remain the same. The evidence? According to Macrumors, iPod owners are finding that iTunes 12.2 has images of iPod models in a range of new colors.

And they surmise that Apple wouldn't have created such images if they weren't planning on releasing new models. In addition, the Calendar app in the images shows a date of July 14, 2015, leading some to speculate that the new models will appear Tuesday of next week. There's no way of knowing whether there may also be internal upgrades, or if it's simply new colors. The images show the iPod touch, nano, and shuffle in six different colors, including three new colors: pink, blue, and gold.

On the one hand, if this rumor is true, it's good news for iPod lovers, who have been pining for an update. I've received emails from iPhone Life readers wondering if I have any inside information on whether the iPods will ever be updated. On the other hand, new colors would be a pretty meager update. I know some are hoping for models in the same sizes as the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Count me among them. I'd love to have an iPod 6 plus. Apple should name it the iPod micro and include cellular data capability. I'd buy one in a minute. I don't own an iPhone 6 plus, because I simply don't have that great a need for a cell phone. I'm an iPad guy, and usually have my iPad Air with me. But there are occasions, such as when I go for a run, that it's simply not practical to bring my iPad. An iPod 6 plus would fill the bill.

An interesting article on Macworld has a similar dream. Author Michael Simon says that Apple Music is tailored for the venerable iPod, and that it would make sense for Apple to give this device another round of updates that included Wi-Fi, cellular, and Apple Music. 

Meanwhile, evidence for a 12.9-inch iPad continues to grow. The website Inferse is reporting that Apple has selected Sharp and Samsung to make the display, which will have 2732 x 2048 resolution and a pixel density of 264 ppi. The post also says that manufacturing could begin as early as September, meaning that we could possibly see the new model later this year.  A host of wild and crazy rumors surround this device, including that it may run both iOS and OS X El Capitan and that it will have a USB Type-C port, a stylus, and support for multi-user login. These features would make sense in the enterprise market, which Apple may be targeting. But they seem so out of character that it's hard to believe. A hybrid iPad with these features would too greatly blur the line between the iPad and MacBook.

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