Review: Put Your TV Anywhere with Wireless HD Video

Review: Put Your TV Anywhere with Wireless HD Video

I recently reorganized my Home Theatre. I happen to have a wall-mounted projector and previously had to run wires to my equipment. Now,I use the Wireless HD Video Transmitter/Receiver ($169.99) from Nyrius. This allows me to put my DirecTV DVR box, my Apple TV, my Blu-Ray player, and my HDMI-switching soundbar in one corner of the room. Now, the Nyrius transmitter plugs in to the HDMI out port from the soundbar and sends the audio and video in HD quality to the Nyrius receiver, which is plugged in to the projector across the room.

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In fact, I could put the transmitter up to 100 feet away from the receiver. I could also use multiple receivers (up to four), which would allow a single HD source to be broadcast on a variety of television sets, monitors, or projectors. I've tried competing transmitter/receivers before and found that they didn't always support the copyright protection schemes or the signal was iffy, but the Nyrius seems to perform just fine.

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The Nyrius receiver can receive IR remote control signals and pass them to the transmitter, so you can control A/V equipment in another room. My only concern is that the package only includes one HDMI cable and the devices' plastic exteriors belie their quality internals . Also, I noticed some audio synchronization issues, because my soundbar plays the audio and the projector wirelessly shows the video. so they can get out of sync. My sound bar does have some options to address this. but the best solution might be to send the audio, wirelessly, with the video signal, so they stay in sync. This probably won't impact most users, who send the audio and video for simultaneous playback.


  • Up to 100 feet of coverage
  • 1080p HDMI quality
  • Can receive and transmit IR remote control signals
  • Could be used with multiple receivers (up to four)


  • Only one HDMI cable included
  • Plastic components
  • Sync issues need to be paid attention to

Final Verdict

If you want a nice, clean look for your television, without a lot of messy cables in plain sight, the Nyrius Wireless HD Transmitter/Receiver could be your solution.

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