Review: Infinite Tanks Will Get Your Heart Pounding

It's no surprise that Atypical, the same folks that bring the amazing experience of Sky Gamblers—arguably amongst the best mobile air combat simulators ever— have now come out with the rolling thunder of a pulse-pounding tank combat sim to iOS. Infinite Tanks ($4.99) is as masterfully rendered and well designed as the lovingly cultivated Sky Gamblers games.

What can be said about Infinite Tanks to sum up the game? It gets just about every aspect of a top-notch mobile combat game right. Detail, check. Smooth and convincing action, check. Easy to understand and use controls, check. Multiplayer and single-player campaign game modes, check. The checks go on. Basically if you know the excellence of the Sky Gamblers games, then imagine that same awesomeness extended to realistic 3D, real-time tank combat. That pretty much says it all. I played mostly in Campaign mode, but this game really blew me away. Infinite Tanks starts out with an easy and superb training mission where you learn the ropes, but ratchets up the action to a fever pitch over the next few missions.

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Everything in this game feels authentic. The anticipatory reaction time needed to turn a tracked vehicle is convincing. My dad and brothers drove bulldozers, so I speak somewhat from experience having been up close and personal as a kid, riding along. When they are sitting still, they can rotate on a dime, but at speed, they won't steer like race cars. This was one of the surprising little nuggets that makes you appreciate Infinite Tanks even more. The control selectors, tank movement, load switch selector are all masterfully integrated in your HUD. The targeting system is also perfectly developed for the frenetic pace and number of enemies that you need to handle, even in the early levels. Tanks are not only highlighted when you acquire a lock, but helpfully flash a color code that indicates how effective the shot will be (based on the angle of the shot, enemy tank protection, etc).

Card system...sigh. Ok, well, if I didn't find at least some minor flaw in a game or app, it would make me wonder indeed. The only thing I could really find to complain about in this gorgeous game was the somewhat confusing (at least to me) card system. The point of the card system is to help upgrade or improve your tank (engine, armor, etc.). Warning; old-school gamer rant starts here. Card systems are fine and add in an element of fun and chance and user buy-in (players can trade), but I'm used to popping into the virtual shop to look for and buy upgrades for however much upgrade I can afford at that round (yep, grinding). Almost all driving games (which applies to tanks as well) apply this method for upgrading. I also get that card systems are maybe the new more fun way to advance, so probably just my old-school gamer showing there.


  • Lifelike tank combat action
  • Easy to understand and master controls


  • Card System was not as intuitive as controls

Final Verdict

I love this game! End of story, go buy it now. Seriously, this is a great addition to your mobile combat repertoire. It was a beauty to behold on my current iPad mini (I did not test on older devices, so please check the compatibility list on the App Store before buying), and it ran flawlessly without a single glitch. Card system aside, Infinite Tanks gets a hearty iPhone Life stamp of approval!

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