Magnetic Car Mount: An Attractive Wireless Charger from Moshi

I have reviewed many car mounts over the years, and ever since Apple released phones with Qi-based wireless charging, the question was how to mount the phone so it could also charge, and still be able to quickly eject the phone when needed. Moshi sent me an early version of its SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount with Wireless Charging ($59.95) and I think the company is on the right track. Because Moshi is also a case maker, the comany has a special case that accepts optional "SnapTo" metal plates. Once inserted, and attached via 3M adhesive strips, they blend into the case but allow the phone to attach to a magnetic surface.

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Next, Moshi offers a magnetic wall mount and a car charger with Qi-charging and, you guessed it, a magnetic surface. The iPhone, in the appropriate case, just snaps in place and starts charging! It can easily rotate 360 degrees for use as a GPS or movie viewer (not while driving, please!) or vertical or anything in between. At first I was concerned that the adapter had the stick to the windshield as some jurisdictions don't allow that. Personally, I prefer a vent mount anyway. Fortunately, I realized you can just pull the mount away from the dash or windshield mount and you will reveal a vent clip hidden inside! This gives you a lot of versatility and is quite sleek as well.

The 360 degree movement is made possible by a steel ball, not a plastic one like many other competitors offer. Moshi also uses USB-C for the charging mechanism, with USB-A to your own 12-volt adapter (not included.) The case is fine and it still charges on other Qi-based mats, even with the metal plates, since they are not near the center of the iPhone. Of course, if you upgrade your iPhone every time Apple releases a new form factor, you will need a new case from Moshi, but they're well-made, so it's not a sacrifice.


  • Metal inserts designed for specific cases
  • Strong magnets hold iPhone securely in place
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Mounts to vent or windshield
  • Optional wall mount


  • Restricted to specific cases from Moshi for specific phones
  • 12 volt cigarette style adapter not included

Final Verdict

The SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount with Wireless Charging from Moshi makes wireless charging easy and hands-free.

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