Personal Safety Apps: Planet 911 Review

 Planet 911 Review

At times you may not feel absolutely safe walking late at night or letting your kids travel on their own. Many people either avoid it all together or look for ways to protect themselves. The Planet 911 (free) personal safety app may be able to help. If there happens to be an emergency or potential threat to yourself, the app instantly alerts your contacts and records any audio or video and even your GPS location.


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The Planet 911 app is a great personal safety app for your iPhone. The app can do wonders for anyone in an emergency situation and if you're concerned about a loved one then it might be worth recommending. With a single tap, a siren can be sounded to potentially scare off attackers or predators. The sound will continue until you turn it off. If it turns out to be a real emergency the app alerts 10 of your chosen contacts and automatically calls 911.

The Planet 911 app is easy to set up. You start by signing up in the app, using your name and email. You then have to create a four-digit PIN so if there is an emergency the app knows it's you setting it off. You then give the app access to your contacts and select up to 10. The app also uses push notifications, which again is important to enable so the app functions properly. Grant access to your location is fairly important as well. Planet 911 has two levels, the yellow button and the red button. The Level 1 yellow button lets your notify your contact and sends the following, "Hey! Just letting you know I'm a bit concerned where I am." 911 will not be called in this situation. The Level 2 red button is for more of a serious situation and it's when you need help immediately. 911 will be called and your contacts will be notified with the following "Hey! This is an emergency! I'm calling 911." You can edit the text your contacts see to whatever you want when you hit either the yellow or red button. There is also an option for you to set a timer for the app to check in on you and make sure you're safe. When the timer ends you have the option to tap to indicate whether you're safe or it's an emergency. 

The app continuously transmits your location when you alert your contact so they can easily track where you are. Upon tapping a button, all video and audio will be recorded and stored. It's a simple and effective app that will keep you safer.


  • Ward off criminals
  • Alert up to 10 contacts
  • Automatically call 911
  • Records everything


  • GPS is constantly running which might be a drain on battery
  • Seems to be available only in US

Final Verdict

Planet 911 seems to be a very useful and effective personal safety app. Your mind cannot be totally at peace if you're in a dark alleyway, but the app helps. Notify your contacts and you might get one of them to  offer to pick you up. It's a great app for parents who are worried about their kids. The continuous running of GPS will be a drain on your device's battery, but it is a small price to pay for safety. Planet 911 is free to download and doesn't require any subscription at all.

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