M-2 Earbuds by Earin: Premium True Wireless Sound & Calling

Earin’s motto for its wireless earbuds is, “No cables. No wires. No distractions.” And that’s exactly what the M-2s deliver. I had the chance to test these earbuds myself, and after a week of wearing them I'm nowhere near ready to put them down. Read on to find out what I love about Earin's M-2 earbuds and why I think you'll love them too.

The M-2s are small, comfortable, and powerful. I loved the high-fidelity sound and the high-quality wireless mic. Withthe small size of these earbuds, I was surprised at how long they last. The M-2 earbuds last up to 3 hours fully charged and include a carrying case that also acts as a portable charger. I used the portable charger to fill my earbuds back up quickly throughout the day, and the magnetic capsule made me feel confident that I wouldn't lose the earbuds in between uses.  

Earin’s M-2 earbuds are some of the smallest and most lightweight earbuds on the market; they’re also designed to stay comfortably in your ear. If you have small ear canals like I do, then don't worry, the M-2s are available in several sizes. You'll get three sets of earbud tips in the box to help you find the perfect fit. Comfort equals protection; with the perfect fit you can go about your day without worrying your M-2s will fall out.

The unique shape of the M-2 earbuds create a crisp sound quality by “catching the sound” in your ears and isolating it from the outside world. I was worried this meant I wouldn't be able to hear ambient sound while I was out walking, but I was impressed that, unlike headphones, the M-2 earbuds allowed me to keep track of my surroundings without sacrificing sound quality. The touch interface makes it easy to control your music and phone calls without feeling around for buttons. I tested this out by calling my sister while I was out for a hike. Even on a windy fall day she was able to hear me like we were in the same room. I was able to go off the trail without having to worry about the earbuds falling out because of the snug fit. 

I'm so excited that I got a chance to try out these little powerhouses myself. I look forward to more hikes, bike rides, phone calls, and in-ear jam sessions with my M-2 earbuds. I think you'll love them too. Pop on over to Earin and check out their selection. See for yourself why the M-2 True Wireless earbuds are the best wireless experience on the market today.

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