Just Mobile TENC Air: A Protective Case for the iPhone XS, XS Max & XR

I have been reviewing Just Mobile products for iPhone Life since the release of the company's iPad accessories and stands nearly ten years ago. With Apple's introduction of its most impressive (and expensive) iPhone to date, the iPhone XS Max, keeping such a substantial investment from harm is of utmost importance. Just Mobile agrees and has designed two product to address such a need.

The TENC Air  ($29.95) for the iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max iPhones is an updated version of Just Mobile's popular TENC case product line. The new Air variant provides additional cushions of air around the four critical corners likely to absorb most of the impact as a result of the iPhone's accidental fall to the ground. TENC, which stands for The Emperor's New Clothes, enshrouds the iPhone in a clear thermoplastic case that covers all but the glass front screen and the camera bump on the back. Beneficially, because the thickness of the case nicely seals the elevated sides of the camera bump, it restores an even surface to the back of the iPhone. Without the TENC Air's protective shield, the rear of the new XS and XR phones quickly become not only a finger print magnet, but also teeter unevenly resting on a table due to the phone's notorious rear camera bump. TENC Air elegantly fixes both of these issues. And because the case doesn't contain any metal or thick fabric, it also doesn't interfere with the iPhone's wireless charging ability.

TENC Air is also as the name implies, light as air.  The XS Max is already one of Apple's heaviest iPhones to date, so adding a heavy, bulky, overbearing case would make the device nearly un-pocketable. The TENC Air is so thin and tightly formed that it actually smooths out the iPhone's bumps. I found that holding a bare iPhone XS Max after having it encased in the TENC for a few weeks was unsettling. Not only did I feel like I was holding a unprotected slate of glass that would easily slip from grip and crack with minimal impact, its bare exposure also felt too delicate.


  • Thin and lightweight
  • Smooths out the iPhone bumps on the back and sides
  • Does not interfere with wireless charging


  • Leaves the front display exposed
The TENC Air is a case optimally designed for the iPhone XS Max. It protects while adding an imperceptible amount of weight or fiddly visual and physical  distractions. Consequently, TENC Air is now my default XS Max case.
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