How to Use Apple Pay, According to Apple

Having recently expanded Apple Pay to Australia and Canada, Apple released a short walkthrough guide for using the NFC payment service. The video features the ease of quickly paying using your iPhone’s Wallet app, as well as covering common customer concerns about privacy and data encryption.

In 2016, Apple plans to expand Apple Pay to Spain, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Having developed a partnership with American Express to bring Apple Pay to Australia and Canada, Apple plans to do the same for additional countries in 2016.

The video walkthrough illustrates the different ways you can use Apple Pay. The guide features in-store use, showing the symbols that let you know if a location accepts Apple Pay. It also features using Touch-ID to quickly purchase an item within an app or using the service to pay your Uber driver. The video also provides a quick tutorial for adding your credit card and reassures you that since your credit card number is never stored on your device, it is never shared with merchants. Watch the minute-long tutorial below.

Apple Pay is currently available in America, the UK, Australia, and Canada. 
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