How to Turn On Incognito Mode on iPhone 

Don’t want Google Chrome to track your web activities? Learn how to go incognito on Google with your iPhone or iPad.

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Privacy is important when using your iPhone and iPad, and if you’re using Chrome, your browsing activities and search history can be tracked. In addition, loved ones can easily pick up your iPhone and gain access to information that you don’t want them to see. Thankfully, there’s Incognito mode. Here’s how to apply Chrome’s private browsing mode on an iPhone or iPad.

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Why You’ll Love This Tip 

  • Browse for gifts for your loved ones without surprises being spoiled. 
  • Log in to multiple accounts at the same time without constantly logging out.     

What Incognito Mode Does & Doesn’t Do 

Incognito mode prevents Chrome from saving your activity data on your iPhone by prompting Chrome to remove data and cookies related to each browsing session. It also doesn’t tell websites when you’re browsing privately.  

On the other hand, Incognito mode doesn’t prevent a website from knowing your identity, and it doesn’t stop your visited websites, your school, employer, or your internet service provider from seeing your activity. It also doesn’t prevent websites that you’ve visited from providing ads during an Incognito session. Along with searching in Incognito Mode, doing a reverse image search can be useful when browsing in Google

How to Turn On Incognito Mode in Google Chrome for iPhones & iPads 

To enable Incognito mode on your iPhone or iPad, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is updated to iOS 12 or later.  Also make sure that the Chrome app for iOS devices is downloaded.  

  1. Open the Chrome app, and, if needed, log in to your Google account.

  2. In the lower-right corner, tap the three dots to open the menu.

  3. In the menu, tap New Incognito Tab.

  4. You will notice a status message and a short explanation displayed in the main section of the Chrome browser window. There will also be an icon with a hat and a pair of glasses to the left of the address bar located on the top of the screen. Enter a URL or search term in the address bar.


Now you know how to enable Google Chrome’s Incognito mode on your iPhone or iPad! You can also learn how to use your iPhone to view open Chrome tabs in your Mac.

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