How to View the Chrome Tabs Open on Your Computer on Your iPhone

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Google Chrome is a popular search engine and it's likely you have several tabs open right now. If you need to switch devices, such as from your computer to your iPhone, Google Chrome can be synced so you don't have to find everything all over again. Being able to switch from one device to another with minimal effort is a huge advantage. Here's how to view your computer's open Chrome tabs, Chrome bookmarks, and more on your iPhone.

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  • Be sure that you are signed into your Google account in the Chrome browser on your computer before trying to sync with your other devices.
  • Open the iOS Chrome app.

  • Sign in to Chrome with your Google Account username and password (ie. your Gmail login).

  • Tap the More tab (the three dots) at the bottom left.

  • Tap Settings.

  • Tap on your name at the top.

  • Tap on Sync.

  • Make sure Sync is selected. Under Data Types, tap Sync Everything so all your information is available.

  • If you want only certain things to be synced, deselect Sync Everything and choose what you want to have available.

Now you can easily switch devices and still access all your Chrome information!

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