How to Use Markup to Write & Draw on Photos in Mail App on iPhone

How to Mark Up Image Attachments in the Mail App

Beginning with iOS 9 the Mail app included Markup, a photo editor that lets you write, draw on, and add shapes and signatures to your images. Now there's no need for a separate app to sketch and add text to pictures; iPhone and iPad users can insert images into the body of emails, then mark them up right there without ever leaving the Mail app. Let's get started learning how to use Markup on your email images.

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To begin:

  • Open your Mail app.
  • Start composing a new email.
draw on picture app

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draw on photos
  • Press and hold or double tap the white space in the body of your email; a menu box with options and an arrow will open. Select Insert Photo or Video.
  • Choose the photo you'd like to add from the selection your iPhone or iPad offers.

add text to photo appwrite on picture app  

  • Tap the photo once, pause, then double tap and the options menu will open. Select Markup.
  • An assortment of tools will appear; experiment to see which are your favorites, tap the plus sign to the right of the toolbar for more options, including text. This is where it's handy to have an iPad with an Apple Pencil; the larger screen size combined with the easily controlled, fine detail work can make for a very intricately edited photo! 

  iphone photo editormark up

  • When you’ve added your changes, select Done.
  • Now all that’s left to do is send your email!
write on pictures appdraw on photo app

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