The Free App That Connects Blind & Low Vision People with Sighted Volunteers

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For someone who is blind or has impaired vision, Be My Eyes is a resource that makes everyday tasks easier. Sighted people sign up to be volunteers; when a blind or visually impaired person asks for assistance, the app video calls one of over a million volunteers to help. When someone starts a call, the first available volunteer will connect with them. If you’re blind or visually impaired, you can contact volunteers as often as you want; there are plenty of people who have showed up to say, “I’m here; what can I do?” And you can connect with them in a matter of minutes. Learn more on what the app does and why we love it below.

Be My Eyes (Free)

What It Does

There are everyday things sighted people don’t think about that the blind and visually impaired are constantly navigating. Be My Eyes offers one solution: utilizing sighted volunteers via video calls. You let the app know what languages you speak and where you’re located. When someone has requested a volunteer, you’ll receive a notification on your phone letting you know. If you’re not able to help at the moment, no need to worry—the app will find that person a volunteer. You may even end up helping the same person multiple times as a volunteer.

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I can only speak of my experience with the app as a sighted person, so let me share a review by *rachie87* from Be My Eye’s App Store page:

“I am legally blind and when I heard about this app, I couldn't believe it. The help you receive from any number of their over 800,000 cited volunteers is indispensable and incredible. The overwhelming support this app gives a blind/visually impaired user is extremely helpful and valuable. They’ve teamed up with move it, a transportation app for those with little or no sight at all. It is incredible to see how much things have changed since I first started using them earlier this year/last year. With the Moovit app, you can get help from any number of cited volunteers to help you with either bus/train/subway lines. They can help you on and off, and tell you where you’re at the entire time you’re using these apps. I can’t believe how much this has helped me. The help these apps give you as a blind/visually impaired person is indispensable and invaluable. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Be My Eyes. Please try these out, either if you can or can’t see that well. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, as a sighted person, that’s OK. All you really need is a few minutes to help change/impact someone’s life for the better.”

Why We Love It

This app is a perfect example of technology improving people’s lives. It’s also a great example of how our iPhones can be used to connect with each other in ways beyond socialization. There are over a million volunteers signed up in the app. Currently, there are only just over 80,000 blind or visually impaired people. That tells me there are a heck of a lot more people this app can help. Whether you could use the app for assistance or you’re here to be a volunteer, get the Be My Eyes app and join today.

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