The Best Mount & Wireless Charger for Your New iPhone

One of the flaws with wireless charging is the inability to use your device well as it lays flat on some surface. But Scosche easily solves this problem with its MagicMount Charge, which both magnetically mounts your iPhone in a vertical or horizontal positions while also charging your device with the latest Qi wireless charging technology. Whether you need a mount and charger for your vehicle, home/office, or both, Scosche has you covered with three different MagicMount Charge models, each designed to work seamlessly with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X.

As stated, there are three different MagicMount Charge models to choose from. But before I go over each, let’s look at the details that all three share:

Each mount uses the fastest Qi technology available with up to 15 watts of wireless charging power, which offers three times the charge power of most wireless charging products available today so your iPhone 8, 8 Plus or X is charged quickly. Scosche is the #1 mount brand in the United States, so you know you’re getting the best. The MagicPlate™ non-magnetic metal plate that comes with each MagicMount Charge can be placed directly on your phone, on a case, or even between the phone and case. And the included MagicPlate placement template ensures that mounting the plate to your device never gets in the way of optimal wireless charging and mounting. Plus, the open design allows for full access to all iPhone controls and ports. All of Scosche’s charging mounts are Qi certified, guaranteeing you the fastest and safest charge available. The magnets hold your device securely but aren’t strong enough to do any sort of damage to your device. And if you have other devices that use the standard Qi charging, they will also work with the MagicMount Charge. Every MigicMount Charge also protects your mobile device with the built-in Foreign Object Detection feature.

Let’s take a look at each MagicMount Charge in the lineup.

MagicMount Charge for Car & Home/Office ($79.99)

This mount and charger has a four-axis adjustable angle with a lock to keep your device in place no matter what mounting position your choose. This mount in particular is perfect for your home office. The suction-cup bottom ensures it’s solidly attached but also moveable. You can safely secure your mobile device to your windshield, dash, office desk, kitchen counter and more via the StickGrip suction base that provides a strong hold on most surfaces. This model of the MagicMount Charge also includes an optional-use low-profile dash mount, 5 foot A/C home/office charging adapter and 3 foot 12V vehicle adapter.

MagicMount Charge for Vehicles ($69.99)

This mount is perfect for your vehicle. Use the StickGrip suction base to attach the mount on your dashboard, window, or any other surface you prefer. This one also has a four-axis adjustable angle and lock, which is perfect for positioning your iPhone in your car at whatever viewing angle best suits you. This model of the MagicMount Charge also includes an optional-use low-profile dash mount and 3 foot 12V vehicle adapter.

MagicMount Charge for Home/Office ($79.99)

Last but not least, this stylish mount and charger is designed to work in your home, office, or other indoor environment. Like the others, it has a four-axis adjustable angle. The locking level quickly locks the suction cup base to virtually any surface.

There you have it! Whatever your wireless charging and iPhone mounting needs may be, there’s a MagicMount Charge to get the job done perfectly.


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