Sept. 10 Apple Event: New iPhones, Apple Watch 5, Bluetooth Tracker, Apple TV

The fall 2019 Apple Special Event is only days away; on September 10 we'll tune in live to watch the new 2019 iPhones, and more, get announced from Steve Jobs Theater. A New iPhone release is a sure thing every year, and there's also the possibility for a new Apple Watch, a new version of the Apple TV, a Bluetooth tracking device similar to Tile brand trackers, and release dates for Apple's latest software updates. Let's go over the information and rumors we've collected in anticipation of the big day.  

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When & How to Watch Apple's September 2019 Event

The first thing you'll want to know about the upcoming event, titled "By Innovation Only," is how to tune in, so you can catch all the announcements live. As mentioned previously, the big day is September 10, and the live stream begins at 10 a.m. PT. Everyone on the iPhone Life team will be watching, of course, and we'll be posting in our Facebook group for those of you who'd like to share in our community and commentary. Be sure to sign up for the group at least a day in advance so we have time to include you! We'll also offer a recap podcast after the event, to go over all the highlights of the day. 

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New 2019 iPhones: Names, Specs, Prices

The most anticipated part of Apple's September event is the new iPhone announcement, and this year we're expecting a batch of three. There have been scores of rumors about the names, prices, cameras, and other features; none of these can be confirmed until the tenth, but let's recap what we've heard so far.

New iPhone Names 

Apple threw us for a loop when they diverged from Arabic numerals in naming the iPhone X. Will the trend continue with an iPhone XI and so on? I'd rather see a return to the familiar and a lineup called the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max to keep things less confusing; I'm predicting that the folks at Apple will agree. 

New iPhone Features

What's the big deal this year? Why does anyone need a new iPhone? For some, the decision is based on the wear and tear on their old device, but many are in the market for upgrades like longer battery life, faster processing, improved camera features, better internet connection, or just a larger, clearer display. For our feature-minded readers, here's a recap of what to expect from this year's phones.  

This year's iPhones are expected to have a 5.8, 6.1, or 6.5-inch display, and be upgrades of the XS, XR, and XS Max. This means that display size won't be changing, but don't worry, other features will be.      

2019 iphones

image courtesy of

For those of you passionate about iPhone photography, Apple is slated to add a second, front-facing camera to their XR upgrade. The XS and XS Max upgrades will each get a third lens, resulting in more detailed photos overall, but particularly for those where the zoom feature is used.  

If you've been holding out for 5G, you may want to wait another year. According to Bloomberg, Apple and Qualcomm have had a falling out, meaning that the necessary modems for 5G service won't be available until at least 2020. A processing upgrade, meaning faster speed with less battery drain, is on the horizon, though, with an A12X Bionic (used by the latest iPad Pros) or A13 chip slated for inclusion in all three iPhones.

For those of you who'd like more detail about the 2019 iPhone potential features, check out Tamlin Day's rumor roundup

2019 iPhone Prices

Once you've figured out whether or not you'd like to purchase a new iPhone this year, the follow-up question has to be whether or not you can afford to. Apple's trade-in program is a good bet to help defray the cost of your new device, but still... how much money are we talking here? Apple seems to bump up prices with every new iPhone generation, and this year will be no exception. Last year the iPhone XR started at $749, the XS at $999, and the XS Max at $1,099, an increase of $100 from the top-of-the-line phone price of the year before. If that trend holds true, we can expect to shell out around $1,200 for Apple's latest and greatest iPhone, and an additional hundred dollars for the other two models, as well.

A New Smartwatch? Apple Watch Series 5 Rumors

apple watch 5 leaked image

leaked Apple Watch 5 image courtesy of

Apple has announced a new smartwatch every fall since 2015, and rumor has it that this is the year for the Apple Watch Series 5. As with the 2019 iPhones, the Series 5 is keeping the same, 44 mm, form factor as last year's model. So, what new features and improvements can we expect if the size remains the same? Some new cosmetic options, like ceramic or titanium cases, will be on offer. Functional features including improved health and fitness tracking, better battery life, and a more versatile camera are also possibilities. For a full roundup of all the Apple Watch 5 rumors thus far, be sure to visit Tamlin Day's article.

Apple Tracking Device

Tile Bluetooth trackers have been available for several years now, and they're incredibly useful for finding easy-to-lose items like purses and keys. Back in June 9to5 Mac reported that Apple is looking into creating a native Bluetooth tracker that would work with iOS 13's new Find My app. 

If this rumor is correct, Apple's Bluetooth trackers will be added to an iCloud account and will appear as items in the Find My app along with your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, and other Apple tech. The Find My app will help locate the item your tracker is paired to if it gets lost or stolen. If the tracker is put in Lost Mode, other Apple users can help you find it, and contact you once it's been located. Notifications can be sent to your iPhone if a paired Apple Tracker is too far away, and to avoid false alarms, you'll be able to designate ignored locations where it's fine to leave your tracker. 

There's no word yet on how much Apple Trackers will cost, but more than likely they'll be more expensive than Tile products because... Apple. The Tile Pro currently retails for $35, so I'd expect the Apple equivalent to go for at least $45.  

One More Thing... New Apple TV?

On March 25, Apple announced a bevy of new services including Apple News+, the Apple Card, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade. Apple is currently accepting applications for its credit card, and Apple News+ is open to subscribers, but what about Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade? Both of these services remain a mystery, with only "Coming This Fall" as a clue for when we can expect further details. 

Apple Arcade

Lately, the notion that Apple is ready to unveil a new, more versatile Apple TV this Fall has been making the rounds. This makes sense mainly because if Apple is serious about competing in the world of gaming consoles, they'll need to improve the performance of the Apple TV. The logical next step would be to include the A12 Bionic or even an A13 chip in a new Apple TV. When would be the perfect time to reveal this improved device? At the same time as Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ are rolled out; Fall 2019. But will this happen on September 10? We'll know in just a few more days. 

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