The Mojo Refuel Invictus Conquers iPhone Power Drain with Aplomb!

iPhone 6 has its improved battery life going for it, but who minds a few more potential electrons in the bullpen, or in this case (yes, I pun) more than double? The $99.99 ibattz Mojo Invictus Refuel (what a mouthful) slams another 125 percent charge on your 6 with its replaceable 3200 mAh case power pack. It's a bit quirky to install, but once it's ensconced, you will not be disappointed in the protection and extra powerwith the unique option (and first I have seen) of replacing the case battery.

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With its three pieces, using the Invictus is a bit like installing a command module on the ISS (it's only troublesome aspect), but it does transform the iPhone 6 into a curvier, bulkier-looking phone. External buttons (which I like more on a case than a bunch of holes around buttons) cover the iPhone's main button requirements without problem. The charging aspects worked well in my tests. The case charged from dead empty to full in around four hours, as advertised, and smartly topped up my iPhone faster than the stock charger could manage.

Note to ALL case/charger makers: Please integrate your case/charger with an iPhone app that detects when my iPhone charge is below a settable level, and activates/deactivates the case charging automatically, and also notifies me when the case charge is below a settable level. Thanks...

The slot around the Ring/Silent switch is a little tight, so you need a bit of a fingernail to get in there. On the face side, the top corners have nubs to minimize screen shocks. As a case, it feels sturdy enough to take a moderate shock, but extreme duty is probably not something it is suited for. A button to activate the charge and a microUSB port to top up are located on the bottom. An audio jack extender is supplied but I managed to mostly forego using it by yanking at the cable of my headphones. (I know, that's bad.)

One feature of the Invictus is the ability to swap out the external battery (you'll need to buy an extra combination charger/pack), but you have to pry that back/center cover off to do it, and honestly, once it is on, wow. I'm not sure you want to take it off again (if you value your fingernails). Kidding aside, it is a unique feature to have the ability to "pop" in another battery (or replace an old one); so if you value having that extra juice, this case is right for you (even if a bit difficult to remove that center cover).

The Verdict

Joking aside about the installation weirdness, my overall impression of this case is that it is a good product. The concept of the case (which is the cause of the installation weirdness) is perfect for someone looking for a way to provide extended charge via the swapping in of extra batteries. An interesting and unique concept that wins our approval. If you like swapping out your cases overmuch, however, you might want to continue shopping for a less involved case install option. Learn more at the links above.

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