Quick review: video player AnyPlayer(HD) updated, boasts better performance

So far, I haven't dedicated a separate article to AnyPlayer (AppStore link) because I didn't consider it a viable alternative to the most powerful players in the AppStore (It's Playing, GoodPlayer, AVPlayerHD / ProPlayer, BUZZ Player) or, for jailbroken iDevices, Cydia (XBMC, RushPlayer+).

Today's update boasts better performance (as usual, click the image for a bigger version!):

so I took the time to update my previous (so far, internal, albeit you can also access it in the dedicated column in the under-construction version chart of my forthcoming iOS Multimedia bible) notes on the app's behavior.

To make it short: unfortunately, it seems there isn't any performance fixes, at least not any I could notice. For example,

1, the Full HD MKV files (with H.264) still play decidedly slower than with  AVPlayerHD / ProPlayer (which boast the best Full HD software decoder). Not even 720p (see the Harry Potter test video) H.264 is decoded properly in software.

2, quarter-FHD-resolution WMV files, while play back pretty good (but, with the VC-1 Advanced, WMA Pro test file, with some stuttering at the end) are still suffering from the same low-color-resolution bug I've pointed out in my WMV bible

3, the MSMPEG4 decoder is still as bad as used to be and WAY worse than that of the best players (see my post HERE for a list)

4, still no ASS subtitle support, still no OGG support, still no embedded subtitles for TS (DVB) files (at least they do work for MKV's), still no audio track selection, still no volume / brightness boosting, still the same problems with accessing UPnP shares as before etc.; that is, no new functionality / bugfixes of major bugs at all.

There is only one pretty much unique feature in this app, the color saturation change. However, now that It's Playing (which also has saturation setting, even when playing back H.264 streams in hardware!) has been fixed and made one of the best players (new review HERE), I simply don't see any point in not preferring it to AnyPlayer(HD).

All in all, stay away. It's simply not as good as the best players out there and definitely NOT worth its price tag.

UPDATE (11/13/2012): answering a question HERE, I've thoroughly re-tested the current version (1.5.3) and found out that it's equally bad (very low-performance decoders, no hardware MKV acceleration etc. etc.) as was the one I reviewed above, in late May. That is: stay away.

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