Create Your Own Photo Filter Library Using Hipstamatic

Digital photo filters can change the look of your photos, and it's easy to create your own using Hipstamatic ($1.99)! To put together a collection, use the Hipstamatic app to photograph a blank sheet of paper (or any flat surface to get an interesting texture). Vary the combination of lenses and film with Hipstamatic to create different images.

You have many possibilites as shown by this random collection of nine filters.

Hipstamatic Filter Samples

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To apply a filter to photos in your Camera Roll, open an image in any app that allows blending of layers. Image Blender ($2.99) is a great app for this. Add one or more of the digital filters on top of your photograph, and adjust the blending mode until you get the desired effect.

The nine filters above produced these variations of one images, shown below.

Photo Variations using Hipstamatic Images Filters

And here's a closer look at the finished image where three of the filters were added for a unique blend.  

Image with Three Filters

I would love to see what you create. If you upload to Instagram, please tag me @gericentonze. Have fun!  

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Geri Centonze is an avid iPhoneographer. Geri also blogs at <a href="">Art of Mob</a> sharing tutorials, artist interviews, app reviews and more. You can view her work @gericentonze on Instagram.