5 Free iPhone Apps to Rekindle Romance in Your Relationship

Relationships are sensitive bonds that can be trickier to maintain than jumping rope while hula hooping on a bed of hot coals. Some couples work different hours, some have extra responsibilities like carting the kids around, which makes everyone just want to fall into bed at night. A few brave souls even defy the odds and the miles to stay together long distance. No matter the situation, it can be really easy for the fires of romance to die off quickly. Luckily, there are more than a few apps that will make you look at your iPhone as one of those spinning heart-shaped beds. So I guess the question is: Is that an iPhone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

1. SnapChat (Free)

I don't care what anyone says, the creators of SnapChat certainly designed the app with a specific idea in mind. While it has picked up steam in the teen community as a communication tool, the self-destructing photo app was created for a singular reason. Whether users are clothed or in various stages of undress, this app will heat up an afternoon quickly. A quick picture and a caption is all it takes to get the blood flowing. Users can choose how many long — from one to 10 seconds — their friends can view the image. Now I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, and in fact it can be healthy for a relationship. The great thing about SnapChat is it stops an angry ex from abusing pictures once traded in a state of amore. However, proceed with caution. As a recent article in Mashable points out, recipients can take a quick screenshot and suddenly the compromising photo's there to stay.

2. Couple (Free)

If you are "that couple" (the one everyone says makes them sick, but actually makes them insanely jealous), then this is hands down the app for you. It works much like a social media site where you can share all types of media including messages, videos, pictures, voice messages, and even drawings. Unlike traditional social media sites, Couple only allows you to "pair" with one other person. The one feature that truly sets this app apart and pours on the sugar is the ThumbKiss function. It tells you to put your thumb on your iPhone’s screen when your significant other is touching theirs. When both thumbs touch their respective screens the phones will vibrate.

3. Body Massager by Efusion Co. Ltd (Free)

Speaking of vibrating, there are a handful of apps dedicated to that specific function. Of all of the free massagers I tested, I felt Efusion Co.'s was the best. It is ad powered, but the ads don't get in the way of the functionality of this app. It has five different vibration settings to best suit the needs of you and your partner. One of the features that sets this app apart is the dedicated stop button, which allows you to turn off the app immediately when it's time to toss the phone aside. While you may not be able to use this app for the long haul, it is definitely a way to start some light flirtation or kindle the fires of romance. 

4. Wheel of Foreplay by Appsent Minded ($0.99, Free version)

This app is sure to turn the heat up in the bedroom or wherever you plan to use it. It works like any other spinning wheel, where users take turns spinning the wheel and acting out the suggestions. What takes this app over the edge is how customizable it is. Even the free version allows you to add more content, select game pace, the order of players’ turns, and if you are into that sort of thing you can even select the number of players. Upgrading to a paid version lets you add your own content, but the free version is more than enough to start a night you won’t forget anytime soon. 

5. Naughty SMS+ by honggang li (Free)

You do not have to be a decedent of Shakespeare or Casanova as long as you have this app in your pocket. Naughty SMS+ is packed full of messages ranging from flirtatious to downright dirty. If you find something that really trips you or your partner’s trigger, you can easily save it to the favorites for use at another opportune time. You can send the messages as SMS with the touch of a button, but if you want to set a sexy booby trap, you also have the option of posting the messages to Twitter, Facebook, or even sending an email.  The settings menu lets you customize the message a little bit by changing the color, size, and font of the text.  This app is great at what it does, but I would not venture much past the messages because everything else seems like a sales pitch.

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Author Details

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