Valenta's Booklet Croco Case Wins with the Ladies

My iPhone 5 has been sporting Valenta’s Booklet Croco White ($38.99) for barely a week, and it’s already made quite the impression.

I'll give the guys a disclaimer here— this particular case from Valenta is pretty feminine. It is satiny white and kind of blingy (which is probably why I love it!), and I've gotten more compliments on it than on any other accessory in recent memory.

Its booklet design and croco print covering its genuine leather surface give it the appearance of a fashionable women's wallet. Like many clutches, it's made of 100 percent genuine leather and has an inner pocket for storing cash, ID, or credit cards. A small magnetic clasp secures the cover to the back. 

I had never tried a booklet case before, and I was a little apprehensive the flap would get in the way of taking calls.

However, that hasn't been my experience. Valenta constructed the case with a flexible spine so you can bring the front flap all the way around to rest against the back while you talk or text. Some people will find this extra step irritating, but I didn't mind it.

Holding the phone in place is a minimal plastic shell, which also protects the phone's corners. This brings me to my other concern: durability. I tend to scratch, dent, and stain everything I own, so in my mind this pearly white case was as doomed as it was pretty. However, I've been pleasantly surprised at how well it's taken abuse so far.

Unlike suede or some other soft leathers, this case has a polished protective surface, which I've been able to easily wash dirt and spills off of. I've dropped my phone a few times in the past week as well, and while it nicked the plastic inner case, the leather has remained untarnished. 

The one element of the design I think could use improvement is the clasp. The white coating on the leather has begun to crackle slightly where it bends, and metal items like bobby pins tend to stick to its magnet if you leave it in your purse.


  • Stylish with a sleek profile;
  • Surprisingly stain resistant;
  • Has pocket for money, ID, or credit cards;
  • Made of genuine leather;
  • Makes a good gift.


  • Some people will find the booklet to be a nuisance when trying to talk with phone to ear (encourages speaker phone use);
  • Magnetic clasp sticks to some metal items;
  • Definitely for the ladies; I can't see a guy sporting one of these.

The Verdict:

I love it! Valenta has personally converted me to booklet-style cases. I found this to be a fun and functional add-on to my already beloved iDevice.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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