You Let Your kids Play With THAT? Clean Your Filthy iPhone With These Products From CES

Not only are iPhones amazing devices for adults, they are equally as fun for kids. I have no doubt that most of you reading this have seen a two-year-old child swipe to unlock their parent's phone or iPad with ease and then bang at the screen with their fingers or even shove the corner of the phone in their mouths. 

We're talking about the same phone that you might take into the bathroom, drop in the parking lot, or even have sitting on the counter next to the steaks you are preparing for dinner tonight. It doesn't really matter how you do it, but you need to clean your phone. I found three great products at CES that clean your phone in different ways—I'll let you choose the one that's best for you. 

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Phone Soap ($49.95) Charge your phone as a UV-C light cleans the germs away. The Phone Soap sanitizing case fits all iPhones and is a safe way to rid your device from all germs–even superbugs that have developed a resistance to antibiotics and chemicals. The bonus of Phone Soap? It acts as an audio amplifier for your phone, which allows you to still use it as your alarm clock.

Phone Soap: UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

NueVue ($45.00) After 18 months of research and testing Derek Batey, CEO of NueVue, created a blend of microfibers and antimicrobial technology that can be used to clean and sanitize devices. Choose between a cotton twill or leather exterior and a variety of colors for the microfiber interior and keep your device protected while it stays clean. Your NueVue case will last for about 18 months before it needs replacing and it's recommended that in order to achieve the best results, your iPhone is clean before first use. NueVue will be available for purchase January 20. 

NueVue Sanitizing Case

Spudz Pro by Alpine Products ($9.99) Clean your screen with a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution that fits into a neoprene pouch and attaches to your keyring. Spudz Pro also works for eyeglasses, tablets, and camera lenses. It's always at your fingertips and the pouches come in several fun designs and colors. Spudz Pro will be available for purchase on February 1. 

Spudz Pro

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