The Best of CES: iPhone Cases

Walking around the Consumer Electronics Show this year allowed me to see some of the best iPhone cases on the market right now, as well as what's coming up later in 2015. Here are my favorite iPhone cases from CES 2015.

Lifeproof fre Power for iPhone 6 ($99.99)

Lifeproof fre Power case

Lifeproof is the original waterproof case, but they're taking it a step further and offering an external battery charger in their latest iPhone case, the fre Power case. At 2,600 mAh it will charge your iPhone 6 approximately once and is "four proof," meaning it'll keep your phone safe from drops (from 6.6 feet), dust, water (to 6.6 feet for 60 minutes), and dirt. Please note that the image above is conceptual artwork and not an actual product photo. 

Navigator for iPhone 6 by Urban Armor Gear ($34.95)

Urban Armor Gear

I can't seem to take this case off my phone. It's just as rugged and protective as it looks, but you really can't get an idea of how slim it is until you feel it in your hand. The side buttons still give a good "click" when pushed, and the four back corners have tiny feet (or "skid pads") to keep your case clean. Urban Armor Gear also has water resistant folio cases with space for credit cards—definitely the next case on my list to buy. 

The Laundry Collection by Shelli Segal from Cellairis ($35.00-40.00)

Laundry by Cellairis

Cellairis cases have always been beautiful, but those in the Laundry collection are my favorite by far. Beautiful geometric designs, diary cases, and even animal prints—the Laundry Collection has something for everyone. The cases are meticulously crafted and fashionable without being too loud or bold. 

Speck CandyShell + Faceplate for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus ($44.95/$49.95)


 CandyShell + Faceplate Speck

This super slim (0.14") case includes a protective faceplate to make sure your phone is covered from all angles. The dual-layer design will keep scratches away from your phone while allowing you to access the screen for a completely natural texting, typing, and gaming experience. The CandyShell + Faceplate is tested to military standards and absorbs drops like a pro. 

Ventev Regen for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ($24.99) 

Ventev Regen Case

The Regen case from Ventev is definitely one of my favorites from the show. In the past I've had clear cases to show off my gold iPhone, but after a few months of use the cases become cloudy with small scratches from everyday use. The Regen case actually self-heals those scratches within a few hours, leaving your case always looking like new! 

TYLT Sliding Power Case for iPhone 6 ($99.99) 

TYLT Sliding Charger Case

This 3200 mAh charging case is a little different than most. Ok, it's a lot different. In addition to being thin and lightweight, it comes with a protective carry case that slides out of the charging case when your phone is done charging. 

And there's more. It's known that charging your phone while it's in a charging case isn't good for the battery of the phone. The TYLT Sliding Power Case is smart: when plugged in it knows to charge your phone first, and the charging case next. So no worries about destroying your battery when using it. 

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