Game Centered Special Edition: Rejoice Core Gamers, Bioshock for iOS Has Arrived!

Game Centered Special Edition: Rejoice Core Gamers, Bioshock for iOS Has Arrived

Game Centered features roundups and in-depth reviews of the best in iOS games and related gaming news. This week we’ve got a special edition to pay respect to the console classic first-person shooter, Bioshock ($14.99). This game not only took gaming to the next level at the time, its cinematic visuals and terrifyingly creepy storyline make this game equally compelling today as it makes its way to the gaming platform of the future, the iDevice.

Game Centered Special Edition: Rejoice Core Gamers, Bioshock for iOS Has Arrived

Core gamers everywhere are rejoicing now that Bioshock is iOS compatible, and it reintroduces this amazing game to a whole new generation of players, on a whole new platform. Bioshock is set in a violently twisted steampunk world called Rapture. It will have you navigating dark passageways where almost everything is out to kill you. As you progress you’ll learn how to arm and defend yourself with a wide variety of combat weapons, from a wrench to a deadly arsenal of bizzare genetic augmentations to weapons you'll craft from the environment around you. Be prepared to get chills up your spine if you play this mind-bending blaster. Bioshock features the amazing graphics we’ve come to expect from Epic Games, makers of the Infinity Blade series, though somewhat scaled back from the graphics of the original console game. It is an exciting and adventurous game and sure to be a hit with any iOS fans of the FPS genre, though with it's nerve-racking gameplay, it’s not a game for the faint of heart. 

Bioshock has received an undue amount of criticism for what some consider a poor control mechanism. To an extent it's true, if you are playing it on a small screen. It’s a tricky game to play on the current generation iPhones; the screens are just too small for a game of this magnitude. With such intricate visuals, it was made for an iPad. It looks and plays spectacularly on the iPad, or alternatively, on a big screen via AirPlay. Another thing to keep in mind is that this groundbreaking new iOS game is in its first iteration; there hasn’t even been time for the developers to take any of the critiques and modify the control dynamics. One thing that would be most welcome in this game would be the ability to customize your control layout, à la Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5, adjusting various controls be the size and place you prefer. Considering the core gaming audience that this game appeals to, people who have recognized the ability of iOS to deliver a console caliber experience, the ability to fine tune the control layout seems like it would be an appreciated modification to the game.

Game Centered Special Edition: Rejoice Core Gamers, Bioshock for iOS Has Arrived

2K, the developers of Bioshock have made a faithful port of the original masterpiece and I’d highly recommend checking it out, with a caveat. It looks best on iPads or streamed to big screens. Also important to keep in mind is that due to it's incredibly advanced programming, Bioshock doesn’t work on any iPad versions prior to the iPad 4, nor does it work on any iPhone versions earlier than the iPhone 5, or the iPad mini or any version of the iPod Touch earlier than the iPod Touch 5. If your iDevice supports the system requirements of Bioshock, don't let its relatively steep price scare you away. This is a premium game, without in-app purchases. It's a worthwhile investment for a revered blockbuster, console quality game on iOS.


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