The CellHelmet Case and New Screen Protector: Your iPhone, Guaranteed!

Siva's Reviews: CellHelmet


Sometimes, the simplest solution can be the best solution. For CellPig, the manufacturers of the CellHelmet for the iPhone and now, the soon to be released CellHelmet Screen Protector for the iPhone and for the iPad, finding the simplest solution is how they've approached their business strategy. While their CellHelmet case and Screen Protector may not boast the fanciest military specs, their products also do what no other case manufacturer does; and that is to offer a replacement guarantee in the event any calamity should befall your precious iPhone resulting in either the iPhone breaking or the screen getting scratched or cracked. With a deal as sweet as that, one can only hope that they add an iPad case to their extensive catalog before too long as well!

As co-founder of CellHelmet Brian McHenry succinctly states: "When you're spending $20 for a piece of plastic, you’d better get a guarantee that it's going to protect your device from scratches."    


Siva's Reviews: CellHelmet


As someone who reviews many iPhone and iPad related accessories, I can't tell you how refreshing it is to come across a company that actually stands behind their product! There are so many so many companies in the iPhone case business, many of them charge an exorbitant amount for their cases, many of which claim all kinds of military specs and drop proof and shock proof protection. However, no matter how much you shell out to get the most protective of protective cases, no other company has yet to stand behind their cases to the point of promising you that if your iPhone breaks while in their case, they will replace it. It's seems strange to me when I think about it, but it's true.


I recently got the opportunity to chat with Mike Kane, CEO of CellHelmet and he had some interesting things to say. For instance, when I asked him about what makes his company's products so unique he replied: “What is different about our products?  Simply, the company that stands behind them.  We make simple products at CellHelmet - we just stand behind what we say they will do.”


Siva's Reviews: CellHelmet


Personally, I am a big fan of businesses that have the ethical standard to back up whatever claims they make. Whatever assurances a company makes about their product, doesn't it stand to reason that the folks who made that claim would back it up with some kind of guarantee? Sounds logical to me.


I gave the CellHelmet (available for $45.00, with an additional $50.00 handling fee applied, should your iPhone break) a great review when it first debuted, and now, as they prepare to release their latest accessory, the iPhone Screen Protector, I felt they deserved another positive write up here at iPhone Life.


So I asked Mr. Kane for more details on the Screen Protector, the first screen protector that I know of to ever offer a guarantee for your iPhone. His enthusiasm for his company’s product was authentic and inspiring by the way. “Will it stop scratches?” he asked rhetorically. “Absolutely!" he says. “Otherwise, we wouldn't stand behind our promises. The point is this; you don't need ’military grade’ to protect your device - that is all hubbub.  You just need a company that cares about fulfilling its promises and a company that stands behind what it says its products will do!  That is how CellHelmet Screen Protectors are different!”


Siva's Reviews: CellHelmet

Don't let this be the end of your iPhone. CellHelmet guarantees repair or replacement!


With CellHelmet, whether you have a new, used, jailbroken or unlocked iPhone doesn't matter; the same guarantee applies to all. Once you receive your CellHelmet case and/or Screen Protector you have 30 days from purchasing to register your product with the company. The registration process is simple and straightforward and will guarantee the repair or replacement of your iPhone for one full year. So if you get the CellHelmet, be sure to think about possibly canceling any insurance plan you may have with your cellular provider since you won't be needing it, unless your phone were to be lost or stolen.


The CellHelmet screen protector (in a pack of 3) is available for pre-order now, via IndieGoGo for $12.00, or for standard purchase after September 12 for $20.00. A $25.00 (iPhone) - $35.00 (iPad) handling fee applies in the event your iPhone screen needs to be replaced.


Siva's Reviews: CellHelmet


Essentially, the folks at CellHelmet understand that the iPhone is a very sturdy and well-built device and that while possible, the likelihood of it breaking while protected in the CellHelmet case or, with the CellHelmet Screen Protector on, is statistically very slim. With that in mind, they have designed products that keep it simple, are easy to get on or off and while sufficiently protective, aren't necessarily “super heavy-duty”. So they are able to sell their protective coverings at a very affordable price point (making it within most everyone’s budget) with the caveat that if something should happen to your iDevice, you cover the replacement/repair fee, thus the extra handling charge of $25.00 - $35.00 for a damaged screen and $50.00 for a damaged device. Not a bad deal at all.


And keep in mind, the ultra low-profile CellHelmet case, priced at $45.00, also guarantees the protection of your iPhone, touchscreen glass included, so while the screen protector is optional and extra protection against scratches and cracks, if you also have the CellHelmet case on your iPhone you are covered against all but water damage. For any brave soul who opts to use their iPhone sans case, then I can think of no better single accessory for your iPhone than the CellHelmet Screen Protector! In fact I would classify it as a “must-have”!


If you act now, for a total of $57.00 your iPhone and it's touchscreen will have unrivaled protection unlike anything any other case manufacturer offers.


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