With the Apple Watch, Seeing, and Trying One On, Is Believing

I was able to order an Apple Watch at 3:10 a.m., EST, Friday, and my watch is on the way. But I wanted to try one on to make sure I ordered the right size, etc. After I placed my order, I booked one of the first appointments for a try on. There was just a short line when I arrived at the Apple Store, and quite a few people were there for the new MacBook, not necessarily for the watch. The staff was getting a quick intro to the watch and the process, which includes custom drawers that can be unlocked only by a specially equipped iPhone.

Apple Store

When I was finally able to try one on, the Apple employee did most of the watch handling, asking politely if he could place the Apple 42 mm Watch Sport model, the same one I had ordered, on my wrist. I felt silly, but let him do so. At first, it was quite tight, and I was concerned that it might need to be that tight to make the sensors work properly. This has been a concern for Microsoft Band wearers. But he loosened it and it became comfortable.

Next I got to try the Milanese Loop. It was more comfortable and again my concerns were alleviated. The band forms a single loop, and has a strong magnet, so it should not come off accidentally. Magnets are not a threat to the Apple Watch and most modern devices that use solid state memory instead of magnetic hard-disk drives. But you'll want to minimize the band's exposure to credit cards and hotel keys, both of which are slowly being replaced by iPhones and Apple Watches.

Apple Watches

I spent some time with both the 38 mm and 42 mm models. I had been worried that the 42 mm model, which I ordered, would be too bulky. I ordered it anyway, because the larger screen size can display more content. As an app developer, I wanted to write apps for the larger screen, and to be able to test and demo them. The battery is slightly bigger on the 42 mm version, so Apple suggests that will lead to better battery life. The larger model turns out to be a good size after all. It doesn't feel too big or that it would get stuck under a long sleeve shirt. If anything, the 38 mm model is too small and probably a good fit only for the smallest of wrists and daintiest of wearers.

Apple Watch

The try-on system appears to have worked well for Apple. A very unscientific poll by an analyst leads him to believe that most folks who try on the Apple Watch pre-order one. However, many, like myself, already ordered or planned to order one, and are leveraging the try-on service to put their mind at ease!

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