Vikersund Ski Flying App Review

The Vikersund ski flying app is a simple game where you play as a skier who is attempting a ski jump.  You tap to begin skiing down the hill and at the right moment you tap the screen to jump.  The goal is to get as far as possible during your jump.  You can play either single player or against someone.  Single player you have to beat scores which are computer generated, of course for multi-player you are going against your friend. 

There are two difficulties, easy and normal.  On easy you have to tap to begin going down the hill, then tap again at the right moment to jump.  You then fly smoothly through the air until it prompts you to tap again to land.  You then get your score and can jump again until the round is over.  Whoever has the highest score wins.  It is extremely simple and while there is some strategy involved with choosing when to tap for taking off and land it is very easy to figure out the best ways to do it.

Vikersund Ski Flying for iPhone

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On normal difficulty you also start out at the top of the hill and tap the screen to start going down.  One more tap to jump when you're nearing the edge of the ramp and than it starts getting different than the easy mode.  On normal difficulty you also have to keep your skier headed straight while in the air.  There are buttons on either side of the playing device.  One pointing left to lean the skier back and one pointing right to lean him forward. 

It can be somewhat difficult to learn how to keep the character going at the right angle and then to have him positioned correctly to land smoothly.  This difficulty is quite a big adjustment compared to easy but once you figure it out it is not all that hard.

Vikersund Ski Flying for iPad

The game gets extremely repetitive after about a half hour of playing.  Once you've mastered how to control the skier while in air and land properly the only thing which will keep you playing is attempting to beat your own high score.  While this can keep it fun for about another hour or so it will get old quickly.  I can't imagine anyone wanting to play this game for any extended period of time.  Even children would likely either get frustrated with the normal settings being to difficult or the easy settings being to simple. 

To its credit, the game does look good.  It loads up and runs smoothly, the graphics are top notch and the video runs seamlessly.  The sounds are also nice and sound good while playing.  This game could be made better with an update which allowed more options possibly but as it is now it is not worth it for the very short time it will be fun, in my opinion. It seems like this game is a good starting point for what could be developed further into a very exciting and fun ski game. 

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