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Do you miss having a USB drive on your iPad for file storage via a flash drive? Well, you may not miss it anymore once you discover OrganiDoc HD. It pretty much functions like a USB flash drive would. OrganicDoc HD is an iPad file-management app designed to support a wide range of files or file formats. When using this app, you can store movie or video files, images, and various document files in a clean interface. There are three main sections that are part of the app on the upper portion of the screen. They include a documents (doc) tab, the video (media) tab, and the images (photo) tabs. Different forms of files can be segregated and imported into these tabs. You can automatically import files from the iTunes file sharing area or just select them from within the app after going into one of these tabs (if the files are on your iPad already).

OrganiDoc HD app review

MS Office files, iWorks files, Web files, text files are all supported. This means that if you want to store a PDF file, an html file, a doc file, or even a zipped file, you can. The app supports just about any format all in a single interface. That is one of its strengths that separate it from other iPad productivity apps. Most other apps seem to concentrate on a single file format, like PDF, or a single category, like document files. OrganiDoc HD will allow you to read documents. You can then do things within the app like secure the files (or make them private), e-mail them, and more.

In terms or videos, the last update added various conversion methods or allowing you to play various video files on an iPad-supported format. Video files such as wmv or mpg will be converted to mp4 or mp3 (audio) and allow you to play them. This app essentially makes VLC useless (for those of you who still have it on your iPad after it was taken off the App Store).

Organidoc HD iPad app review

The other great thing about OrganiDoc HD that makes it truly stand out is its support of cloud storage services. Dropbox is only a drop in the bucket, so to speak. Google Docs, MobileMe iDisk,, are other cloud services that are supported by the app. The app also supports iCloud integration to the fullest. You can drop and drag files between the app and the cloud. For iCloud you will need to be upgraded to iOS 5 though.

Overall, this is a great app that has a bunch of features that makes it stand out on the App Store. The way it is integrated with the cloud and the amount of file formats it supports makes it the ultimate file storage app. Other apps have to be combined via multitasking to match some of its features. Yes it doesn't have annotation of doc files, but this isn't an editing app, it is a file storage app -- and it does this task wonderfully. The app is advertised as a flash disk on your iPad, and it essentially is just that and more. OrganiDoc HD currently costs $4.99 on the App Store, check it out.

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