Keep Floating iPhone App Review

Keep Floating is an entertaining app that can definitely help to pass time.  It’s a game that is simple enough for the kids to enjoy while the increasing difficulty makes it fun for adults as well.  The game is fairly quick depending on how successful you are making it the perfect game to play while waiting, sitting around, or just for a fast fix.  Regardless of the reason; it will definitely teach your reactions to be quick and precise in order to win.

The concept for the game is quite simple.  The blue floating head with hands is called Clobly and is an experiment designed to float.  The bubbles that are floating from the bottom to the top are meant to keep Clobly afloat, but it’s up to you to position them in order to work.  This is done by moving Clobly around to consume the bubbles floating and with each gulp; you will see him jump to the top again.  The goal is to prevent him from falling into the test tube located on the bottom of the page.  At that point, the experiment is over. 

Keep floating app review

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To move Clobly; you can tap the sides of the screen that you want him to move towards in order to eat the bubbles that are constantly rising.  A suggestion to the developer would be to allow a tilt option along with the ability to tap, but that would just be an added effect to a game that is already fairly decent. 

However, it isn’t as easy as positioning Clobly to eat bubbles.  You will notice that certain bubbles have a skull with crossbones indicating death bubbles.  If these are consumed, it will be an instant game over.  Luckily; there are other bubbles that can help as well!  There are points that will be floating around which are highly recommended to eat for a high score along with bubbles that will make Clobly grow or shrink.  Since the goal is to keep afloat and avoid the death bubbles; you may want to avoid the bubbles that make you grow as well.  Clobly becomes so large that it is almost impossible to miss the bad bubbles unless you consume a shrinking one to help bring you back to size.

keep floating for iPhone

The main page gives you a tutorial option that does explain the basics, but as always; you will get a better experience when you actually begin playing.  Another option shows top scores, but is not online based.  This would be a great feature to add for future games.  In the meantime; you can compete with friends and family for the top floating experiment based on time and points accumulated during each game.  And lastly; there is a floating option that allows you to start the game; but be prepared as the game will begin quickly.

As mentioned before; Keep Floating is a unique and fun game that can definitely pass the time.  As with any app, there will always be updates to make it better; so curiosity has risen to wonder what the developer will add.  In the meantime, it’s a great game to pass around to see who has the best floating experiment! 

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