Deluxe Moon HD App Review

There are many different things to learn and see with Deluxe Moon HD.  In fact, if you are unfamiliar with astrology and the moon phases; the initial page might be a bit confusing!  But, this doesn't take away from the very cool effects that it provides.  So, what exactly is the purpose of this app?

First off; you can see the current moon phase, time, date, future phases, calendar of eclipses, sunrise and sunset times, amongst more.  This Deluxe Moon app gives you precise and accurate scientific information pertaining to anything moon related!  This also includes Zodiacs, longitude and latitude, as well as a dictionary of information.  By looking at the main page; the first question is where to begin! 

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The top right hand corner shows a picture of the moon in its current phase.  In the top left, you'll see the time ticking down by the seconds, the date, and the exact moon phase.  Don't be afraid of the shooting stars as they blast off around the screen.  You will also see the minutes since moonrise as well as the remaining hours until moon set with the accurate times listed below. 

The very bottom is a plethora of information ranging from distance, location, to moon phases and their previous dates and times, elevation, rising and setting times, and of course; the solar time.  If you slide your finger to the right; the bottom bar continues to offer options for setting your appropriate location.  However, if you allow the iPad location finder to be established; everything will be set for you. 

Within the main page are small tabs that provide access to many different moon based locations.  These buttons are a little difficult to see as they look similar to the backdrop of the sky.  To start; the side left screen offers a small tab with flowers.  This will tell you the Zodiac Gardenir including a horoscope for the day based on your sign.  The tab below that labeled in a geometric circle is a small encyclopedia of the moon.  This discusses resources, tools, and facts along with how the different moon phases function.  Plus, it provides a direct link to some of the most infamous scientific websites discussing the moon as well.  

full moon hd iPad app review

To the top right of the main screen; you will see an arrow that provides a countdown and exact time of the next Lunar Eclipse.  Below that is a button shaped like a cubed square and this brings you to the Lunar Calendar.  You can see past and future moon phases as well as information regarding the solar and lunar eclipses.  With one swift flip of the finger just below the date; you can turn each day of the week into a Zodiac Calendar that will inform you of when your sign is rising with the moon. 

However, a quick view of the calendar, current sign, moon phase, and Zenith can be located just above the bottom tool bar.  If you watch closely; you'll see the moving word “calendar” floating around.  By swiping upwards with the small arrow; you can access a smaller version perfect for a quick glance.  As for sound settings and information regarding the different features on the main screen; you can find this towards the top in small tabs labeled as volume and a question mark. 

If you initially look at the main screen of Deluxe Moon HD; you'll get the feeling that you're staring into space.  It can be a little confusing, but very fun.  The developer did a great job in making this app fun and educational.  

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