Contacts Duster Pro App Review

Contacts Duster Pro is one of those must have apps for anyone who uses their device to keep track of the information about their friends and family.  As just about anyone knows who has had their phone for any length of time it is very simple to let all your contacts get out of date and unorganized because people today are constantly moving, changing jobs and even getting new phone numbers.  This app will help you organize everything to make them easy to find and use any time you want.

When first using this app you’ll be able to see any duplicate information in your contacts.  For example, you’ve got two entries for your mother.  One listed as ‘mom’ and one using her name this app can combine them into one to help clean it up.  This happens far more often than people expect because of things like adding in a friend’s cell number one day and then adding their home number a different day and you end up with two contacts.  Toss in work numbers and you can quickly see how this can become much unorganized quickly.

contacts duster pro iphone app review

The contacts duster app will also go through e-mail addresses, physical addresses and every other piece of information so you can have everything about each individual all combined into one entry.  The app will graph out your information showing how organized or unorganized your contacts are as well. 

It will tell you which of your contacts you have not used in quite some time so you can consider deleting them out if you’re no longer using them.  These types of people are listed as ‘zombies’ for easy identification.

On top of all this, the contact duster app will organize groups of contacts together for easy use.  Putting all your co-workers from work, for example, in one area and maybe your bowling team organized together.  No matter which types of groups you want to use to stay organized, this app will quickly get you set up and organized so you can easily find anyone you’re looking for.

contacts duster pro for iPhone

The app is very well made and extremely easy to use.  For an app, which does so many things to help you clean up your contacts they have made it very simple to use.  Most people will only have to run this app occasionally to clean up their contacts but they will find the results invaluable.  This is especially true for people with hundreds of different contacts, or even more.  Getting everything organized can save a lot of time and frustration.

This app was clearly developed by experts as the layout looks great, all the graphics are excellently chosen so you can figure out exactly what each image will do when interacting with it.  They’ve done an excellent job at giving you all the features you could want in a contacts organizing app and managed to make it look and respond properly as well.  

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